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Isolation Speed Painting

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Alright, looks like it's time to update what I've been doing the past week. I definitely plowed through a few minis in that time, so here they are...


This is the Grateful Undead set from Ral Partha. I've already shown them off over in the Show Off thread but am including them here as well.




The next couple are a cyborg and an assassin from Bones 4. They're both super fast, limited palette paint jobs. I don't think either took more than a half an hour to finish.






Here's a couple of gorillas , also from the last kickstarter. These are fairly large and should be quite intimidating on the table. But if I know my group they'll try and befriend them no matter how angry they appear. Not because they're nice but because they're going to want to have giant trained gorilla henchmen.






This is the second time I've painted this guy. As a bald, bearded homebrewer this really resonates with me. But I'm thinking of putting some magnets in the base and hiding it around my local brewery. Haven't done any guerrilla mini placement since the pandemic started. And that particular brewery is owned and operated by a group of gaming nerds, so they should get a kick out of finding it.




I picked these up for the Australian fires charity miniature drive. I enjoy painting animals occasionally. They're quick but still challenging. Although I think I kind of messed up the face on that kangaroo. I believe these may have been sculpted by forum moderator Talespinner. 




And finally here is a freebie wizard I picked up with my last order. For a speed paint, this guy ended up looking fairly nice. I really enjoyed this one, it's got just the right amount of stuff on his belt. He's not so cluttered that he was a chore to paint. Definitely my favorite of this batch of miniatures.




Anyways, October is coming up and the last couple of years I've tried to paint nothing but spooky minis and monsters to get me in the Halloween mood. I'm not sure if I have enough minis to fit that description right now, but going to attempt it again regardless. 

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24 minutes ago, Glitterwolf said:

Somehow this reminds me of Overtkill from the comic Spawn and in a lesser effect of Megaman the video game..


I may have been listening to a podcast that kept mentioning Megaman while I was painting this one. That may have influenced my color selection a bit.

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I took a break from this thread in October and had a separate topic for my minis last month. And I haven't taken the time to update in a while. There's a reason for that though. I don't think this thread applies to what I'm doing any longer. I'm still speed painting, but I find I'm much less socially isolated than before. I'm still extremely physically distanced from people, but my gaming group is playing virtually again, my homebrew club is having outdoor safe-distance events, I've kind of developed a "pod" of friends who have also worked from home and taken precautions during the pandemic who I can hang out with (outdoors for safety), I've even gotten my late 70's parents doing zoom calls with me. In other words, the title "isolation speed painting" no longer really applies. Which also means I'm not painting nearly as much, and what I am painting is getting seen by my group (at least on a screen, but good enough). So seems like a good time to wrap this up.


I don't like it when things go unfinished though, so I thought I'd give this a last post before shutting it down. Here's a few of the speed paints I've finished since the end of October:


Actually I finished this one at the end of September and never got around to posting it. She's about the same size as Sir Forscale and has been sitting on my painting table as a mascot while he gets some touch ups. 






Tried doing a tartan. I think  the pattern was okay, but the colors didn't have enough contrast to see it. I'll give it another try some other time.




Just a random golem. 




Someone in my group has started playing a gnome. So this is for their character. 




Reaper's Ice Dragon Hatchling. I was looking for something to do a fancy base with and wanted to try out a color scheme for a bigger white dragon figure. So got two things done at once with this one.




And with that, updates to this thread are over! I'm thinking of taking a cue from some of the other folks around here, like @Glitterwolf, and having a running WIP thread for thematic miniatures I'm working on. In fact, since the arrival of multiple sailing vessels is imminent, I've begun working on some pirate themed stuff. I may go ahead and start that thread this weekend if I get around to it. 


Anyways, thanks all for checking out all my quickly painted and poorly photographed miniatures over the last few months. It's been fun sharing with you all. Cheers!

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