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ReaperCon 2020 Cancellation Notice


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  12 minutes ago, TripleH said:

@ReaperAHawk, will someone be available here after the show or in the morning to answer questions for those of us that are unable to watch the stream "live"?


I'm always here. The thing is we have had to make a  big decision very quickly (but NOT without a HUGE amount of consideration) to pivot our planing for an online show. At this time, we don't have all the answers to your questions because...well we are in the midst of planning it all now.


We and/or I will answer questions if we can. Somethings are still very vague until we have more planning meetings....that and still be socially distance in our meetings. :/


Also, the Twitch Live episodes (most) are on our YouTube channel for you to watch later if you can't watch Twitch Live. I will let the guys know this episode needs to be posted to our YouTube channel ASAP. Thanks and hope this helps.

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Also remember, as a friend pointed out, the current tickets are tied to Growtix, with being online & not at an actual place, Reaper really doesn't need to use them. I do hope they take in consideration the people that have already bought a VIP when it comes to the new options. (& not because I went in on a VIP ticket).

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39 minutes ago, ReaperAHawk said:

Please watch our ReaperLive show tonight at 6pm cst on Twitch. We will answer some of these ReaperConLive online questions then......I'm sure I will be a back seat driver helping Ed/Ron along! heee-hee!




Ron needs you at the wheel. Seriously, I'm sure you're most of the reason stuff gets done there. :) 



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8 hours ago, Jeepnewbie said:

Well it was disappointing when I got the alert yesterday. Was looking forward to getting to play some more DnD with you GEM, and the rest of the party. 

I second the request if possible just roll my money over into the new bag.  If Reaper did roll the already purchase funds into the new bag version, would it possibly help with making the bags?  If so I’m game for it. The funding is already spent from my end, and would still ensure everyone that everyone who currently purchased the tickets would stay on the list for a bag. They sell like hot cakes as soon as they go online. 

Stay healthy, and hope to see y’all next year!


Same here.

I'm of the same mind as you regarding the "funds already spent" and how that should be handled.  However, the bookkeeper and Board Member in me recognize that refunds need to be made and then new orders placed for the swag bags in order to forestall complaints from those who just want a refund and then walk away.

Keep slinging paint and staying health.

Next Year In Denton!


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2 hours ago, terminalmancer said:


Any chance you can share the high points here afterward, for those of us who don't hear so well and don't really do Twitch as a result?

Good question.


I was going to request that someone do the same. I'm at work right now, so can't watch/listen.



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I only caught the last 15 mins or so.  A recording is going up in 24 hours. 


Ron said they are doing 100% refunds on all growtix purchases and starting over. Next week.

You have to cancel your hotel rooms yourself, some hotels have not been notified of the con being cancelled.

They are planning to have swag bags for everyone who wants one.

There will be optional paint kits for some classes, for sale before the con. 

They will be using discord.  



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This is what I took away from the show.
Note that this is not an official announcement.  I do not represent Reaper Miniatures.  I could have misunderstood something so please don't yell at Reaper if I got something wrong.  They will be posting more information soon.  Tonight's show will be on Twitch as VOD as soon as possible to do.


Everyone who purchased tickets currently will receive a 100% full refund.  Will not begin processing refunds until week of May 4-8 and will take time to complete.


Swag bags on sale before show & after show.
VIP bags on sale before show & after show.
Plan to make enough bags to not run out.


Cancel your hotel reservations as soon as possible.  Do not rely on the hotel to do it. Do it early so that you don't get an extra charge.


There will be online classes/demos/lectures/etc.  The online stuff is free.  There is no requirement to buy anything for the online streams.
Class kits for sale with minis & paint.  You do not have to buy a kit to see the class.  Once all classes are in place and locked in, it will be possible to purchase class kits.  Kits will be in place to arrive before Reapercon.
Not all classes via Twitch.tv.  Other options are being looked at.   

They are *trying* to archive all classes for later viewing since not all will be via Twitch.tv.


Paint contest via social media.  It will not be the normal MSP Contest.  Will have to be a little different due to the remote nature.  Rules to be posted.
MSP Contest ceremony:  information pending, in planning.


There are no plans for ribbons.


There will be an email sign up to keep posted on Reapercon developments.  Info will also appear on Reapercon.com.

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16 minutes ago, TripleH said:

@ReaperAHawk, I just thought of something. You should touch base with Aaron & Liz with Miniature Monthly. They hosted some Zoom sessions when Adepticon was cancelled. That might be an option in addition to Discord.


I believe we have already reached out to Aaron and Liz. Thanks!

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I came in late, so here's the few things I was able to glean:



  • If you have questions, send them to [email protected]
  • If you made hotel reservations, you will need to cancel those yourself. Some hotels for other conventions have been doing automatic cancellations for cancelled conventions; that is not the case here.
  • This ReaperLive episode will be uploaded to Youtube in about 24 hours
  • All items purchased through Growtix will be 100% refunded starting next week



  • The "hotel" minis will be available as follows: one will be included in the Swag bag, one will be included in the VIP bag. Both will be available for individual purchase as well
  • There will be karaoke
  • Class details are being worked out, but nearly all of the instructors have told Reaper that they are willing to teach in this new format
  • There is no class schedule yet; it will take time to build
  • The live stuff will run from 10am to 10pm
  • The convention days will be: All day Friday, Saturday and Sunday (September 4, 5 and 6)
  • The "Meet and Greet" event will be on Thursday night instead of Wednesday
  • There will be new ReaperCon paints as usual. The three announced tonight were: Clouded Sea, Powderburn Bronze and Pirate (gold?) [my background was noisy for this bit so I didn't hear all of the names clearly]
  • Classes will be recorded and made available on Youtube (more details on that to follow)
  • The details of what format classes will take is being worked out (or might have been discussed prior to my joining)
  • Class paint/mini kits will be put together for each class, and will be available for purchase starting about a month prior to the con. These will be completely optional, but will include the minis/paints the instructor will be using in their class. You may already have these items in your collection, so again, they are optional
  • There will be no metal trade-in
  • There will be some form of painting contest; Reaper does recognize that this will introduce a photography element. They are trying to figure out the details of how to put this contest together, it will take time
  • Kit is working on an information page where you can put in your email and get information updates. This will be posted on the ReaperCon site. He just started today, so more details are to follow.
  • How to handle games will be discussed soon


I'm sure there is more I missed, but that's what I remember. Again, the livestream will be posted on Reaper's Youtube channel in about 24 hours.



--OneBoot :D

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Metal trade just mean more weight for next time!!


Cancelled both my rooms right after I read the initial post here. I really didn't want that showing up on the checking account statement!!

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