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Main Features
● Innovative leveling-free technology
● Ready to use straight out of the box
● Easy to maintain the modular nozzle 
● Silent motherboard with Trinamic driver
● 4.3-inch colorful touch screen
● Reliable extruder structure for easy feed-in
● Branded power with strong current and wide voltage
● Dual Z-axis and wider Y-axis
● More practical add-ons make printing with more fun innovative leveling-free technology

Ground-Breaking True Leveling-Free Technology
For the most part, accurate 3D printing is the result of a leveled bed. That’s usually a challenging goal, though, because most 3D printers will present nozzle clogging, poor adhesion, and generally unleveled-related issues that compromise the quality of prints. The CR-6 SE offers precisely the opposite. Featuring an innovative true Leveling-Free Technology, this is a 3D Printer that lets you always rely on highly accurate results.

Out of the Box, Into the Action
No complications. No special skills required. No confusion. Your CR-6 SE is ready to use out of the box. You can easily assemble it in only 5 minutes and then all you need to do is plug it in and switch it on. The CR-6 SE 3D Printer starts working and delivering amazing results—whether you’re a pro or a newbie—in almost no time!

Customizable and Easy to Keep Modular Nozzle
Never see your creativity and productivity affected by nozzle-related replacement issues. The CR-6 SE is designed with a modular nozzle that means two things: you can customize it and you can also easily maintain it by replacing separate parts. From the heat block to the nozzle tip, among other parts, this is a Modular 3D Printer that’s easy to keep!

With All Ease in Assembly
The new CR-6 SE comes in modules that are crafted with quality aluminum profiles. The device can be easily assembled within 5 mins. Plugin and switch in on, printing starts right out of box.

Mighty and Dependable Extruder
Mounted on the printer's frame, the redesigned compact-size extruder means less weight, which promotes faster extrusion and delivers higher quality prints. The extruder clip on the extruder is quite a handy gadget that allows users to benefit from effortless filament extrude-in.


CR-6 SE is by now the most innovative 3D printer that we've ever designed. It is the ultimate printer for versatile makers, making 3D printing easier than ever before. And CR-6 SE is going to debuts Kickstarter Campaign from 6th May to 6th June. The earlier you pledge, the more surprise you will get!

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Here's what how the prints look with some paint thrown on to bring out the details. The only clean up I did was zapping them with a heat gun. Certainly not high grade, but better than I was expecting

UPS lied to us - it will not be arriving on Wednesday.   It's already in our grubby, grabby little hands!   And Brigid seems to have already decided which print is hers - it's on

Nope, swiped the image from Artisan Guild, who make the mini.   Eventually the Creality will be joined by another printer, possibly a Saturn, which I think can create prints like that.

Posted Images

Searching for articles, but this one suggests $200 to $300 and another $300 to $400. Some pictures I've seen suggest some color printing.




The company is located in hi-tech hub Shenzhen. I haven't been able to find recent articles how hard hit this city has been from the coronavirus. 



Product design, particularly First Created, is a yellow flag for me, but Creality is obviously a well-known company in the 3D printer business. I don't know much about 3D printers, but I'm even aware that the Creality Ender 3 is the leading budget 3D printer. I'll probably pass because of my gaming (and painting) queues. by the time I finish Gloomhaven and start looking for miniatures for Frosthaven, we'll be up to CR-20 or something... :unsure:


EDIT: Should mention that, while the company is know in the 3D consumer printing business, it's still their First Created, and I dunno how much crowdfunding and consumer interaction experience the company has, including if they have someone contracted to run the KS vs. someone in-house, experienced or not. I would expect minor forgivable faux pas, such as the printer arriving to retail before backers, shipping fulfillment errors, that sort of thing.

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All depends on the price if il be backing or not as they are a well known brand, ive had some broccoli luck so far with KS 3D printers, the Sparkmaker was very bad with sub standard components and terrible prints, im still waiting on the Obsidian and Build One printers, the Obsidian is looking very bad at mo while the Build One is plodding along and hopefully one day il see it, i only backed them for $99 3+ years ago so not too much of a hit.

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One of the good things about Creality is that when they release something new and people start finding problems with it then tend to fix some of those problem is subsequent production runs. So people buying a printer a couple months after release might be getting a better printer than what someone else has. This is also one of the bad things about Creality, since there is a good chance if you're in the first batch of people getting a new design you're probably getting something flawed. There seems to be a lot of new features that haven't been consumer tested yet on this one.

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Definitely would looking at this one. I have no douts behind the creator + I highly doubt a company that has outstanding success in the 3d printer field would put a dud out for a KS 3d product.


More or less it depends on the price tag.

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On 5/3/2020 at 5:16 AM, ced1106 said:

we'll be up to CR-20 or something... 

Yeah, their numbers make no sense. There's already a CR20, and a CR100, and a CR2020.


I for the life of me can't tell what advantages the CR-20 has over the Ender 3 pro other than a solid all-in-one base instead of the screen sticking off the side.  people claim upgraded electronics, but it's still more expensive than an ender 3 + upgraded mainboard.  It has(had? Not finding it for sale outside of belgum) a pro version that comes with ABL already, so  I'm really hoping this CR-6 isn't the same kind of story.


cr100 looks like optimus prime.  It's mainly targeted at children

cr2020 is an enclosed printer where the z screw lowers the bed during the print instead of lifting the x-carriage but still a bowden setup.

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10 hours ago, PaganMegan said:

I think this is going to be the one.


I know Grump had been thinking about getting a 3D printer for our anniversary.


He leaks! :lol: 

That's why they make Depends...

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