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Here's what how the prints look with some paint thrown on to bring out the details. The only clean up I did was zapping them with a heat gun. Certainly not high grade, but better than I was expecting

UPS lied to us - it will not be arriving on Wednesday.   It's already in our grubby, grabby little hands!   And Brigid seems to have already decided which print is hers - it's on

Nope, swiped the image from Artisan Guild, who make the mini.   Eventually the Creality will be joined by another printer, possibly a Saturn, which I think can create prints like that.

Posted Images

Just watched this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2NyTG8YCIPc&feature=youtu.be 


$525 cad price tag for an early bird and I didn't spot when they thought delivery would be. Would like to see a direct comparison with an Ender 3 V2. ~$200 cad difference in price is pretty big for me. If the print quality is close I can live with a few less features for $200 less. 

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hokay, so mathing out the retail price, at $430 ish... (319/.74 or 339/.79)  versus the cr-10's $600, this is actually a really good price and I'm quite tempted were it not for the fact I bought my ender 3 about 2 months ago....

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30 minutes ago, Disciple of Sakura said:

I'm not sure I want to spend almost $350 on a 3D printer. I was eyeing an Ender around $240, not sure I want to go that much higher, but it sounds like it might be a lot easier to work with.


The biggest issue with the Ender 3 is that thermal runaway protection is disabled by default (fire risk) and the board doesn't have a bootloader installed so turning it on is somewhat of a hassle. 

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Looks neat, but it's definitely out of my current budget.  Weird that their chart says the Ender 3 takes 15 minutes to assemble, since most places online say it takes 1.5-2 hours to assemble and get everything properly set up...

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3 hours ago, cmorse said:


The biggest issue with the Ender 3 is that thermal runaway protection is disabled by default (fire risk) and the board doesn't have a bootloader installed so turning it on is somewhat of a hassle. 


Newer board resolve this problem.

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Dang -- under $300 is less than I spent during a Bones KS.


OTOH, I don't understand half of what you guys are talking about, so I'll stick to the old fashioned way of getting my mini's --  opening a box. :upside:

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