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I especially like the fish. For coloring purposes it needs to be filtered somehow so that the lines become even darker and the ink goes all the way to black, while the paper becomes stark white.  RGB:00.00.00 versus RGB:FF.FF.FF


Wonder if I have an app that will do that?

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It worked! (Sorta...)




The app is called “Recolor”. I have the free version. It has limitations. Such as it thinks all drawings are Square. Saving is only allowed to the cloud (and its proprietary gallery social media operation). Capturing the finished drawing is limited to doing a screen cap and then cropping away the extraneous elements. 


But all that aside Colors!


It will do some neat tricks. It can make the lines any arbitrary color, silver, gray, white even. It can apply many after effects  (crumpled paper above). 

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36 minutes ago, Paradoxical Mouse said:



I have shaky hands...and still don't like using my phone camera for this.


Bright lights, close by, but out of frame. 


I have been experimenting with a twinned pair of 1680 Lumen LED bulbs which are 5000 Kelvin daylight white. 


i recognize that pocket...!@Pezler the Polychromatic

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1 hour ago, Paradoxical Mouse said:

Last sketch for today... (probably)



@malefactus would approve of ^ this one. 


I did a test snap of a little drawing I had laying around using my big lightbulbs. It worked pretty good. The key thing is to cook the paper with light. I had them arranged about 15 inches away from the paper.  One blasting in from each side at 30°-40° angles. 


It worked. It imported into the coloring app no problem. 

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