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Survivor Dog by Glitterwolf

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For my Pandemic Challenge I decided to paint this nice doggo with gasmask.

It was the first mini that I printed with my Elegoo Mars Resin Printer.


I'm giving him a spare resin base I had lying around.

Started with Reaper Grey Liner.


The Reaper liners are excellent primers for Bones , but also for Resin!!





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P3 Morrow White

Vallejo Terracotta

Citadel Foundation Dheneb Stone




P3 Umbral Umber

Reaper Grey Liner







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Warcolour Translucent Blue

Vallejo Foul Green

Scale75 Decay Black

Reaper Carbon Grey

Black Wash



20200503_160240 (2).jpg

20200503_160304 (2).jpg

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