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HEL: The Last Saga 5/12, 3pm EST

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Thanks for the quote!


After the translation issues of Conan (including the spell cards, which, afaik, haven't been fixed), another Mythic and Monolith collaboration, I'm wary of Ameritrash heavy-text from non-native English speakers. The problem is that, while you can hire a translator, the translator needs to have gaming experience, and you should playtest the text with native language speakers. That obviously adds costs and time to a project. 


Is this a common complaint of non-English speakers when American companies put out foreign editions of their games? :unsure:

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8 minutes ago, ced1106 said:

Is this a common complaint of non-English speakers when American companies put out foreign editions of their games? :unsure:


I have been reading books written by English-speaking authors, playing (computer) games made by English-speaking companies for decades  in English (despite my native language being German) for exactly that reason.

I don't know if it has become better in the last couple of years ... but the original AD&D (or was it D&D) edition in German translated "torch" not as "Fackel" (which would be the correct translation of torch in a medieval setting), but "Taschenlampe" (which is "flashlight"). That's just one example and it proves your point: you need somebody with gaming experience.


Add to that that sometimes correct translations even take away from the plausibility of an event in a story (somebody says "flight" and the other person misunderstands that as "fight" - in English very possible. In German it's "Flucht" und "Kampf" - how can you misunderstand that?).

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On 5/13/2020 at 9:08 AM, WhiteWulfe said:

Yeah, with that many still in development, and barely any fulfilled that's an insanely huge red flag to me... 


To add another one, it looks like stores are canceling preorders of Joan of Arc 1.5 and it will no longer have a retail release "due to circumstances beyond their control". I suspect that the legal problems that they were certain would be wrapped up in their favor in no time are dragging on and potentially not as solidly in their favor as they thought.

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Those are some out there and unique designs (that don't really make me think Vikings except in the modern horror film treatment of myth).  I'd be more interested but I trust this company about as much as Eastern Front Studios right now with their track record and non-stop new projects 

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Pledge $1 and hope the deliver something by the time the PM comes out. :unsure:


1) I have backed $1. Will I have access to the PM to upgrade my pledge?


Of course! The pledge manager will go live hopefully around 3 weeks after the KS campaign and you will be able to upgrade your pledge there if you want.

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