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Looking for a shop in Canada

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I used to order from reaper directly
but all my latest purchases got slapped with extra custom fees
with bad exchange rates this gets expensive fast

anybody got a shop that carries reaper products in Canada?
my local shop only has some leftovers which I already pretty much got through

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Top Posters In This Topic

Ones I know of that carry Reaper Minis models... 


- Mission Games (online presence is board games dot CA) 

- MeepleMart

- Apt To Game carries their figures in store (and will order in), unknown what they stock on their site

- Warp One in Edmonton has a really good selection of Bones minis in stock, but unknown how they're handling the current COVID-19 shutdowns - probably the same as everyone else, with curbside, but that requires being in Edmonton. 


There are probably others, however I haven't spent too much time looking online for such things because my orders with Reaper are almost always large enough to have a bill attached, and since I don't mind such I just order directly.  My next order will probably have a $45ish CAD bill attached to it, for example, since I'll be buying a few minis and numerous paints (aka a few sets). 


As a note, you're legally required to pay GST/HST/PST/QST on any goods you import into the country that are valued at over $20 CAD.  CanadaPost just doesn't get every package that's around $80 USD.  It does suck though when you get a $20 CAD bill attached to an $81 USD package, but at that point over half the fee is for CanadaPost to handle to customs exchange and paperwork for you (can't remember if it's a $10 or $11 fee). 


There was talk on ReaperLive a while back about a partnership with a Canadian distribution company for Canadian sales, but I suspect that is currently on the back burner due to other more pressing matters (the new building, COVID-19 related things like retailer restocking backlog, casting of metal minis, general logistic stuff, ReaperCon Online, etc) 

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Another option would be Sentry Box, in Calgary (www.sentrybox.com).  They are just getting their catalogue back online,

but they are doing mail orders right now (just got a package 2 weeks ago).  If you have specific models in mind, you can

email them and they will get back to you about prices and shipping costs.



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2 hours ago, CAVBOSS said:

RAFM is the official Canada-based supplier of Reaper Miniatures out of Ontario and has been for some time. You can find them at www.rafm.com


Be prepared for l-o-n-g shipping times (COVID not withstanding), and no communications regarding your order. I once waited 3 months for an order before the threat of Ontario BBB and opening a CC dispute lit the fire under them.

Caveat Emptor with RAFM



Reverend Shartan

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I used to have a canadian customer (who ONLY would buy Sailor Moon manga) who would have her order sent to her US P.O. Box, then she'd come across the border and get her stuff. I think she still paid customs when she went back across, but she said it was cheaper for her that way.

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