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Dr Boom

Another Day, Another Cyclops Conversion (77336 Stone Giant)

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This guy was a bit of a no-brainer - another giant who pretty much already looks like a cyclops. A brief bit of exacto work and a greenstuff eye and he's there.


I already have him in metal painted as a Stone Giant, and there are more Stone Giants than I'm ever likely to use in the Lost Valley expansion from Bones IV. When I got him in one of the earlier kickstarters (2 or 3) I momentarily considered replacing his mace for a microphone and moulding on some cargo pants to make a little mini Peter Garrett (former lead singer of Midnight Oil and Australian politician) because he's a dead ringer for the bald bloke and the pose even looks like he has his distinctive dance moves down. I'll just have to buy another one for that project.


Spent a bit of time layering his skin up and I'm probably happiest with this than the earlier cyclops. Just one more to go (and then possibly another Cyclops Lich if I can get around to ordering it) . . . 



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