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Portable painting stations - show us yours!

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So there's been some discussion elsewhere on what a portable painting station should entail, and I figured I'd get this discussion started. So here's mine. It's undergone some evolution and change over the years, and this is just the latest iteration. 



The basic case is just an ordinary tool box I bought at Aldi a while back. It was one of those "I will find a use for that" purchases that sat in the airlock (the foyer between the outside and the inside of my home) for a while before I decided I needed a new painting station, and this was going to be it. The lamps (more later) I've had for a while. 





The top, opened - some foam for minis I'm concerned about, (currently a pair of - very old - Zocchi D-7s and a Bonesium Egyptian priestess I'm working on), one of the little tubs that came with the box, a selection of Bonesium animals that probably should be in the tub, the toolbox, and a pot of Citadel Wraithbone for primer. 





Under the foam is a set of snips for plastics, metals, whatever. And you can see the underlying gridwork that holds the thing together if I were using all of the yellow bitz holders. 





Toolkit contents - some brushes I got when the local AC Moore went out of business, a pin vise and drill bits, a flat-edge nail clippers, superglue, a file, some brass wire for pinning (not shown) and a mold line scraper - I should really wrap some thread or something around the handle of that. Nothing fancy, nothing super-impressive, just a basic set of tools. There's still room in the tool kit for bitz I'm carrying to work on, or other stuff as well - the entire top row is empty. 





The main compartment is mostly paints (primarily Reaper and Vallejo, with some Army Painter washes), two (very solid and bottom-heavy, actually) water pots and a pair of plastic palettes, and en empty tub to carry some larger minis, or whatever, in. The paints are curated, but not currently organized - I need to go through and re-org them after pulling most of the tubs (the organization-by-tub wasn't working as well as I'd like, and putting them in this way clears up an entire bay worth of space)





The lights are just a pair of OttLite reading lights I got on sale at some point, and have used in the past when I wanted a little more light - right there, or wanted to add some light to backlight something, etc. They're really handy. 


So, that's my portable kit - it's not very fancy, and someday I'd like to make a better one (when I have access to a makerspace again...), but it works, and is pretty solid both in terms of construction, and capability. What's yours look like? 

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I've got the same toolbox as my paint kit. I hadn't gotten a portable light for it but now I will, and shame on me for not thinking of getting some of those lights. Mine is also a lot less organized. 

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Well, since we've got a new thread for it, and since @John Fiala asked, this is my portable kit.  It's a 6.2 quart latchmate container from Michael's (the big box hobby/craft store).  They're generally about $10, but sometimes you can find them on sale for less.  Colors for the tray and latches vary, but generally involve shades of white, a minty turquoise/teal, and something pinkish.2055622226_TravelKit01.jpg.aa6b53795fb1baa3af7d0ccde7302c65.jpg


This is actually my third kit.  The first was given to my father to help contain his meds, he was using a cardboard box and that just grated on me, the second fell out of the car and landed on one of the latches breaking it




The top tray has a one long and three squarish separations.  My current WIPs are Hera Syndulla, C1-10P (Chopper), and a Dewback Rider.  I use paper towels to cushion the edges a bit.  The paper clip and safety pin are for stubborn droppers.




So what else do I have in the bucket?  Clockwise from the top: a long divider tray (that will get you to them on the Michael's site if you were so inclined), my WIPs for scale, a paint pallet in need of cleaning, a plastic clamshell with my tools, and lastly my paint water (which needs a change).


The divider trays come in packs of three (sold separately).  In addition to the long divider, there is also a squarish one that will hold 12 (Reaper) paints on a slightly less-than-half footprint of the long divider.


The divider tray holds 32 (Reaper) paints if you pack them in there.  You can fit another 8-10 in the top if you lay them down on an incline (resting on the compartment edges) and another 8-10 in the bottom on the side of the divider tray if you really need to have it packed.  The clamshell came with a set of Army Painter synthetic brushes.  The only brush of that set that I still have is the drybrush as the others started to curl rather quickly.  The clamshell is currently holding a "Character" and a "Regiment" brush (both from Army Painter), a generic craft brush that is usually used for priming, a cheap toothbrush for cleaning, hobby scalpel, and sometimes a pin vice and bits.   My water pot is an old Penzey's jar.  Mrs. Strawhat really likes their spices, I really like their jars.


When I was working on the rancor, there was enough room for the paints I was using (about twelve) and the rancor in the bottom.




This is just a better look at the top tray.  If I weren't using the clamshell, there would be plenty of room in the compartment with the dewback for all my brushes and tools.  The other three compartments have enough room for up to nine human-sized (28-32mm) figures.


There's also a 14.5 quart (and a 26 quart) latchmate container.  The 14.5 quart will hold three of the long dividers in the bottom (96 paints), and even more if you don't use trays.  But the bottom will be a bit wobbly and paints will tip if the container is jostled.  I would probably only use the 14.5 qt if I were prepping for a con or working on something rather large.  The footprint for the 14.5 qt is about two 6.2 qt side by side.

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Mine has been posted before; I should take a more up to date picture or two, but the basic idea with that one is that I need to be able to stuff it in my backpack for a carry-on only flight, so a box would be harder to stow that three different smaller containers.  Plus, the paint needs to be able to be displayed as 1-qt bag compliant... 

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On 5/4/2020 at 8:20 PM, strawhat said:

My water pot is an old Penzey's jar.  Mrs. Strawhat really likes their spices, I really like their jars.


I'll have to keep that in mind.  I've got a lot of their spices myself, and an empty bottle from their sandwich spice that probably could be reused for that.


There's this brand of Thai curry paste that comes in small jars (not as small as the spice one was) which might be useful as well.


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