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Batman: Gotham City Chronicles - Mission 22

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B:GCC - Mission 22 "Explosive Surprise" has Harley Quinn and her gang prepping some explosive packages to send through the USPS to various locations in Gotham.  Apparently postal regulations are looser in the DC Universe.  


The whole family



Harley in one of her newer outfits and her signature POW! hammer.  I kinda screwed up her face when I tried to paint on eyebrows.  Tried to fix it but no luck.  

1457083281_2020-05-0321_42_28.thumb.jpg.89a8b102d329e0d932ca51d43af6a213.jpg 1181195633_2020-05-0321_49_15.thumb.jpg.ec2f5ccb53784c4a6b818688803836aa.jpg


Bud and Lou, a girl's best friend.

1014729830_2020-05-0321_42.55-1.thumb.jpg.d200f9e3a811be62ac2d95a0f2a68829.jpg 157539709_2020-05-0321_43_05.thumb.jpg.a5536501bbdce88abc0decd21dd16179.jpg


Harley Quinn's gang.  



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    • By Unit04
      This is another medium sized box from Batman: Gotham City Chronicles Season 2.  This one is an alternate version of (Commissioner?) James Gordon.  Apparently for a while Gordon dressed up as Batman and had a GCPD bodysuit called Rookie.  Now, the weird thing is that the suit, in most of the pictures I saw of it, had police lights and GCPD all over it.  It just seems like a bad idea, mixing official police gear with private vigilantism.  
      Team photo -

      Batman (James Gordon) -
      I really like how Rookie came out, though I did repaint the white strip on his back after I took the photo.  The blue, white and black is just a nice color combination.  
    • By Unit04
      The second half of the first big box, The Suicide Squad has my favorite character, Black Manta.  I am drawn to weirdly shaped villains and heroes, I think, but his roles in the modern Justice League show and Young Justice were great.  Likewise, Diablo/El Diablo is the most interesting character from the Suicide Squad movie, though that is a low bar.  I wonder where he came from because there were not a lot of non-movie depictions of him online.
      The Squad, part 2

      Diablo/El Diablo.  Everyone wears a belt in Gotham, apparently.  This guy is going around shirtless and on fire, yet he still makes sure he has a belt.  
      King Shark.  
      Black Manta making a bold fashion choice of scuba gear on dry land.
      Joker's Daughter aka Duala Dent.  Apparently not his biological daughter, but a daughter in spirit.  I am not a fan of this figure, the words on her shirt (Daddy's Grrrl?) just did not come out at all.  The color scheme is good though.

      Captain Boomerang, quite possibly the most useless major hero/villain in the DC Multiverse.  
    • By Unit04
      Batman: Gotham City Chronicles Season 2 had 3 large boxes.  The Suicide Squad box is the first one I'm tackling.  The cover has Deathstroke and Harley Quinn but she's not in the box (she got two sculpts in the first season) and he doesn't have quite the same outfit on as his figure.  Ah well.  
      The Suicide Squad movie is....meh.  The Director's Cut is better, but it is still a bit of a mess.  The Justice League Unlimited episode Task Force X is a better representation of the team, though my favorite Suicide Squad show is Batman: Assault on Arkham.  It is a straight to video movie that apparently ties in with the video game of the same name.  Another good movie is Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay, where they need to retrieve a "Get out of Hell Free" card for Amanda Waller. A nice little plot point is that if you die while holding it, you use it up, so killing the person holding it is pointless.  It is a follow up to the Flashpoint Paradox, another great DC straight to video movie.  
      (half) The Team:

      Amanda Waller, typically the mission giver for Task Force X/Suicide Squad.  Nominally a good guy, though her depiction changes greatly depending on the needs of the story. 
      Rick Flagg, also nominally a good guy, with the same caveat as above.  Painted up like a classic GI Joe figure. 

      Bronze Tiger, generally a good guy.  Also more often 100% human instead of a man-tiger, at least in my limited interactions with the DC Universes.
      Deadshot.  He was in the original B:GCC game, this is just a different pose. (previous model)

      Deathstroke.  Another alternate pose for a figure that came in the core B:GCC game.  (previous model)

    • By Unit04
      Batman: Gotham City Chronicles has a few characters with different outfits and/or poses.  This is Poison Ivy with her New52 look and a couple of upgraded minions to use in lieu of the smaller ones.  
      The full team

      New52 Poison Ivy - 
      Henchmen?  I ran out of one of Intense Brown so I had to use Shield Brown on the second mini.  Noticeable, but close enough.  
    • By Unit04
      Batman: Gotham City Chronicles next set of 4 small boxed figures includes only two that I've heard of before, and one of those did not last very long it the movie I saw him in.  

      Carmine Falcone is a generic mob villain.  I have no idea where I have heard of him before, but at least I've heard of him.  I went with a blue suit to change up the standard black and white that these types usually wear.  
      Amygdala, named after a part of the body, I guess.  He's sometimes, but not always, very red skinned so I went for a Christmas color scheme to honor the season. 
      The Architect seems pretty steampunky, so I broke out my recently acquired copper and bronze paints.  I prefer my version to the color scheme I found on the internet.  It was way darker.  
      KGBeast (or maybe The Beast, I guess he goes by both) I saw in the straight to video movie Batman: Assault on Arkham, the best Suicide Squad movie so far.  He did not last long.  
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