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02630 Frogmen


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Looks good! I love seeing things in different colors then usual :D

At first I thought they were spotted frogs who used red shirts / cloaks as some sort of tribal thing!

The change to the red is abrupt. That's cool!


If you're open to a smaaaaall point of criticism?

I feel there's a small change in the colours from the real frog that your mini's don't have. This could well be intentional!

The area where the dots turn to red, the black dots at the edge continue into the red to make the transition smoother.

See picture.


I feel it might take away the 'red shirt' idea if the black dots are completed at the border areas.



Take this as it's meant though, I love your paintjob! The abrupt ending has a thing to it aswell, good job! ^_^

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