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So we had a house bunny (thou she was caged most of the time, more on that in a bit) the past week, while we put up the chicken wire barrier. Monday morning I got home from a short shift & as soon as I opened the door, I heard Thumper "digging" in the pet carrier. So I laid down in front of the cage & talked to her for a bit. I ended up opening up the door & placing some greens in for her, which she ate but in the process I thought I had closed the door tight enough for the latch to engage & went about on the computer. An hour later around 630 that morning my son comes up & says "Thumper is in my room". I'm like wha? I turn around & the cage is open. Little fart pushed the door open & got out. I was shocked more to see my son out of bed before 9 am!! :lol:


She had a good ole time as I watched her go to all the places where the carpet is. Apparently she had a really good time with our cordless vacuum cleaner power cord as l later on my daughter showed us the end piece. A long way of saying how do I know what cord/power supply I need to get. I've been try to look at ones close to the specs on the plug in but they are tiny & printed with a light gold ink on a black plastic plug. Here is what I've come up with so far:


Some unknown Chinese company name

Class 2 power supply

Model number, way to small for even my lighted magnification to read

Input 100 to 240V

50/60Hz 0.5A Max

Output 26.5V (something) 500m A


I know you can get replacements, just need some advice on what to get.


Thanks for any help.


(also note, Thumper is happily back outside in the backyard. She still tries to dig but at least we have more of deterrent/defense against it.)

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1 hour ago, Corsair said:

Just cut the remaining wires and use the 3M clips to reattach the wires. A simple fix when you can't find the exact charger.

Easyiest way is to just splice it back together, but you you are leery of electrical work and are afraid of burning the house down, all you have to do is search for power supplies and find one that matches the specs you have.  The critical thing to do is to make sure that you get the exact same plug as on the end that goes into the vacuum.  That is always the hard part, as they don't seem to be labeled .  You are just going to have to look at any photos.

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I have had good luck searching the model number of the vacuum. You should be able to find the power specs that way. 


I had to get braided charging cords for my phone because the guinea pig would run around my bed and with one chomp, sever the plastic coated ones. The braided ones needed at least 2 bites. 

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