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Aegis of Empires Adventure Path for 5E, Pathfinder 1E and 2E

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For 10,000 years and more, empires have risen under the aegis of those that have gone before, rising to heights undreamed of, but all will come to ashes in the end! 

A truly epic adventure saga, Aegis of Empires, is here for 5th Edition DnD, Pathfinder RPG (1st Edition), and Pathfinder Second Edition! This spectacular 600-page fantasy-horror adventure path can be played in any world but is specifically designed for the incredibly detailed Lost Lands Setting (which project lead Greg Vaughan spent nearly a decade perfecting with the classic adventures of Necromancer Games and Frog God Games). Your heroes must trek across the Kingdoms of Foere, Reme, the Vast, and beyond to uncover the clues of an ancient mystery, a lost prince, an expedition to the ends of the earth, and a silent apocalypse stealthily creeping to overwhelm the land, from the start of their careers up to 17th level! This spectacular saga from the powerful pens of Alistair J. Rigg, Jeff Swank, Matt Goodall, Steve Helt, Tom Knauss, Anthony Pryor, and Greg Vaughan includes a 48-page Player's Guide to introduce the history and lore of the region, compatible with all three game systems, and then follows it up with six additional adventures and their appendices full of new magic, monsters, equipment, player handouts, and more:

  •  Book 1: The Book in the Old House – by Alistair J. Rigg – Help a young knight rid his ancestral manor of its haunts and discover the beginnings of a deeper mystery going much further back in time.
  •  Book 2: The Ebon Soul – by Jeff Swank – Heroes face an ancient vampire’s curse and must deal with the consequences and troubles of a forgotten empire’s underworld that proves to be very much alive and well.
  •  Book 3: When Comes the Moon – by Matt Goodall – The mountain outpost of a religious order from a bygone era starts to look like the setting for a werewolf hunt, but memories of older times continue to have ramifications in the present day as the hunters become the hunted on the mountain peaks.
  •  Book 4: Legend of the Burning Star – by Steve Helt – Seek an ancient meteor crater holding riches in sky metals, but past expeditions seeking it came to naught…until a never-before-seen journal surfaces and puts the players on that path once again.
  •  Book 5: Race for Shataakh-Uulm – by Tom Knauss – Heroes traverse a haunted and desolate land to claim the meteorite’s riches before others jump their claim and discover the unspeakable fate of the original explorers.
  •  Book 6: Knight Fall in Old Curgantium – by Anthony Pryor – The quest comes full circle to the capital of the Hyperborean Empire, ruined in ancient holocaust yet whose menace threatens to arise once more and bring calamity to the empires that have arisen in its place as destiny turns to doom!

The above covers feature some of the fantastic interior artwork in each adventure, but we've also commissioned sensational new cover images from some of our favorite artists as our first set of stretch goals below! Within these pages you'll find savage adventuring action and tantalizing treasures for your favorite system, with each chapter steeped in the lore of the Lost Lands!


As if our versions for DnD 5E and the 1st Edition of the Pathfinder RPG were not enough, Aegis of Empires represents an especially exciting opportunity for fans of Pathfinder Second Edition, as this is the very first third-party PF2E project with this kind of epic size and scope, designed by the same company that partnered with Paizo, Inc. to create their massive upcoming Kingmaker Anniversary Edition Adventure Path, Companion Guide, Pathfinder RPG Bestiary, and the Kingmaker 5E Bestiary! 


Chock full of amazing artwork and beautiful maps, this adventure saga brings home the towering cities of Foere and Reme, the sweeping vistas of the Kingdom of the Vast, and journeys through back alleys and sewers, soaring mountains and rolling plains, and of course the occasional creepy dungeon and mysterious monastery! 


This is a classic fantasy saga blending elements of cosmic horror and deep lore in a rich and evocative setting. I can confidently say this compendium won’t be shy sitting on your shelf next to the very best adventure path sags and mega-modules like Slumbering Tsar! We hope you’re as excited to see this project come to fruition as we are, and we appreciate your support joining the project, sharing and commenting on social media, and spreading the word to make this book truly Legendary!  



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Hmmm, one of the earliest Stretch Goals in the Lost Lands Kickstarter was opening up the setting to third party publishers.


Looks like that has already begun. ::):


22 hours ago, PaganMegan said:

Thinking about this one. ::):


Probably the PDF.


It would be about a year's worth of play, maybe more with our group.

You running or me? ::):


It does sound like fun - either way.


The Auld Grump

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