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The Plague Year: Reaper's Four Horsemen and Friends

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This is all mostly Glitterwolf's fault....mostly...

His Painting the Pandemic Challenge was the excuse I've been waiting for to tackle Reaper's Four Horsemen. I first saw them at Leisure Hours Hobbies in Plainfield back when I was first getting started in the hobby, and they were one of those "I'll eventually get these", things since they kinda fit in with my undead army, but I was concentrating more on units at the time...anyway, combining with the recent events of the year, I've been tempted by the idea of going back to the start of the DHL line and painting my way forward. Thus the birth of yet another WIP thead.

We begin with 02001 Reaper Famine.


Other than priming, haven't done anything with the rider yet. 


As Buglips noted in his WIP, trying to figure out what is skin/bone/fleshy bits was a bit confusing. The skin is Ghoul Skin, bone is Dirty Bone, and fleshy meat bits and organs are Red Gore.


Steel Legion Drab on the base, and began putting Rotting Wood on the harness and saddle. 


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On 8/5/2020 at 1:29 PM, Glitterwolf said:

A little inspiration!





Nice slow brooding going on there, good stuff.

Hopefully I can get the Graveguard finished off in the next week or so, and get this back on the table, maybe even get the project finished before 2021. (although I am still trying to figure out how to incorperate Murder Hornets and Zombie Cicadas into the scene, plus whatever else gets added in this year)

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Went over the armor with P3 Armor Wash and Brown Wash...


Drybrushed Shadowed Stone and Stone Grey on the mane/tail, armor wash on the metal bits, and got the standard top glued into place...


I'll leave it here for tonight, the standard top is a bit fiddly, and pretty much all that's left is the bone highlights and weapon.

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As part of my end of year effort to clear the painting table, I ought to get back to this!


Finished pic of Famine...


...so onto Plague...




...the undead wolf has much less exposed skin and innards than the horse did, so hopefully that ought to speed things up a bit...


Plague himself already had Dirty Bone and Brown Wash applied...


So now the race against time begins...

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Most of the base colors are on...


Plague is beginning to pick up something of an 80's metal vibe...


Red Gore on the armor, some Rotting Wood on the stirrup straps.


Rotting Wood on the leather parts, Ghoul Skin on the flesh, Red Gore on the muscle, some Agrax Earthshade slathered on the base, and Russet Brown on the rope and band about the skeletal hips on the saddle.


Not as intricate as the previous steed thankfully.


The harness plaque at the bottom will wait until I get a highlight layer on the fur.



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