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New painter girl into hobby

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Hi!! my name is Katerina and I'm new to painting miniatures, I begun 
with a miniature from NonSenseminiatures, the Barbarian, I buyed the 
54mm because it's bigger and maybe easier to paint.
I asked some help to NonSense and he already made a base coat for me, I 
would like to get some help for painting because I see too much 
information and don't know were begin.
I already make painting but totally different
Also he gave for me a discount code Katerina10%, because he will sell my 
paints also!!!






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Welcome.  That looks like a very nice miniature to start with.  You will find lots of information here. 


Your other art work is very striking.  Please be careful to not post nudity in the forums.

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54mm minis are only easier to paint when you're an absolute beginner. After the first few most start expecting to see more detail and smoother transitions on a 54mm than on a 28/32mm.   


Which paints do you have?

(brand and a general list of colours)  

What kkind of brushes do you have?   

(A #0 Kolinsky Sable is considered the 'go to' for many painters, but a synthetic will do for a start. Possibly a flat of some sort such as a #2 Filbert is good for large flat aeas)


That mini has a lot of bare skin, and skin tones can sometimes be a bit.. uncooperative...  So don't be too concerned if at first it ends up a mess. 


Base coat?   

It doesn't look basecoated. I assume you mean primer. 


On this mini, since it's a pretty open pose, I would glue it together and fill the cracks with something. 

(Greenstuff, Milliput, Citadel 'Liquid Greenstuff' or something like it. Not marzipan, though, even if it hardens consideably when left out for a long time)


Then there's 'lining'. Go over all the 'transitions' between cloth and skin, hand and sword hilt and so on, with a dark brown or gray paint. Just a tin stripe. 

(Reaper makes a series of 'liners' for this purpose. Most of those also work very well as primers)  


Then it's time for the basecoat. Painting each area with the main colour it should have. And you fill it so that there's only a couple of hairsbreadths left visible of the liner. 


You probably want to use a metallic paint on the sword. If so, you'll probably want to give it a dark(even black) basecoat before the metallic colour. 



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Welcome to the forum.


I agree with gadgetman, larger minis can be more unforgiving when you're going to look for details, blends etc.

There's a lot of information on this forum, I also advice you to watch some youtube videos, search for "painting fantasy miniatures" you will learn a lot.


Most important, have fun.

Don't expect to become a master painter in a short time.

Set small goals and work from there.


Show what you're working on and what you've painted, we all like to see painted minis and art.

Nudity on minis or art, you can show it, but those need to be linked through a host site since this is a family friendly forum.


Have fun!!!

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For a very first effort, I 'd try to copy the illustration of the mini.  Unless you don't want to, then don't.  Get a set of basic paints --- Reaper is good -- and a couple of basic  brushes.  Then, watch about two introductory youTube videos.  Then paint.

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On 5/7/2020 at 8:51 AM, Ekaterina said:

would like to get some help for painting because I see too much 
information and don't know were begin.

Do you mean that you find there is so much detail in the miniature, you do not know how to make it all work?
I have had this same problem with so many miniatures I intended to work on. It sucks.


If you think the colored photo provided by NonSenseMiniatures is too much, I can recommend a simpler color scheme to go with.


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