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Asgard Great Orc with Scimitar

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Still have to do the shield, metallics and some details, but I've loved this sculpt since I first saw it in a magazine ad in the early 80s, and I'm thrilled that The Viking Forge is keeping these old figures available. Painted with Reaper paints over Humbrol enamel primer, though I'll probably use enamels for the metallics when I get there. Comments and criticism welcome!




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Thanks all for the comments and welcome! I'll have another progress pic up shortly, as apart from the shield I'm nearly finished with this guy. Loth, the sensible answer to "why enamels" is in my experience, metallic enamels tend to have a finer ground pigment than metallic acrylics, and thus look more like metal than glittery paint. At least as important, though, is that I just enjoy playing with different mediums when painting, and I actually enjoy the smell of enamels and thinners (in small doses). Thanks again! More pics coming up!

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Here's a few more progress pics. The steel is Humbrol metalcote enamel, and the bronze is Coat d'Arms bronze acrylic. Still some lining and detailing to do, and I'm planning something freehand for the shield design.




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