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Mithril Miniatures Frodo, Sam, and Gollum

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 I’ve always really like Mithril Miniatures (even though I only own one) and I like how yours came out, very nicely painted.  My only question for these are how come they always have such high foreheads (which has nothing to do with your painting)?


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Sweet trio! I learned to paint on Mithril minis. It's so nice to see some posted here! *squee* 


The first mini I ever painted was the Mithril Arwen figure on the right (in spoiler) back around 1993. My friend, who was teaching me how to paint, fussed at me for giving her black hair. He said elves were supposed to be blond. :blink: I also wanted to paint her in a white dress, but he said it would be to hard and not contrast enough (he was right), so only the top part of her dress is white. I painted the other ones a few weeks later. All from Mithril Miniatures. Aaah, memories. 




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