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What are your Warlord demo experiences?

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What happened to the starter sheets?

Which starter sheets where? If you mean the one Bryan is talking about, it is available for Black Lighting Reps via their board as part of the support info.


If you have access to the site, go to the page and click on the link. It brings up an Excel spreadsheet. Look on the bottom of the Excel sheet and you will see two tabs. Click on the tabs to move from one workbook to another.


One workbook has the list of the figs, their order numbers, and all the additions to create a 750 point force. Click on the other workbook and it is a list of datacards to be used by players in a damo game.


I had to adjust the margins on mine a bit, but it printed six nice lanscape-oriented sheets for players to use. Each one even has the Reaper logo and the Faction logos in the margins of the pages.


These are great sheets. I look forward to using them with my students.

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These are great sheets. Bryan, will we use these at GenCon? They would make great hand-outs for people who want to go home and buy the models to start playing.

There is no reason you could not - but you should probably coordinate with Cheryl on what armies/Data Cards will be needed/used. ::):


If you intend to host games yourself using the starter armies as suggested by the sheets, then abslutely - the sheets were intended for any BL demo event, to make your life easier, and to enhance the game experience for the attendees. ^_^ Feel free to use them in your events, whether at GenCon or at your loal FLGS.


Also - A reminder - the data Cards are already adjusted to include recommended equipment as indicated on sheet one and listed ont he Data Card. Do not go adding the bonuses in again.

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Speaking of data cards, that was something I saw at Origins that I've been using for demos. Putting all the stats for the demo forces on a single sheet for the players to use makes things very easy for the players.


I suppose I could make up actual cards and put them in sleeves to use for demos, but having a single sheet of paper for the players would work better, IMO.


If you do the sheets in Excel, you can add as many data cards as you want to the sheet, then hide or unhide the ones you want for a particular scenario and print them out as needed.

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I ran my first tournament over the last three weekends. Saturday was the last of three rounds for the tournament. I gave the tournament a progression, so people would gradually learn what they needed to about the game.


Round one: 500 points, simplified rules (no faction abilities, missile fire or spells).


Round two: 750 points, full rules


Round three: 1,000 points, full rules.

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