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Dwarf Berserker Lord w/Great Weapon


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5 hours ago, Fencig said:

It's cool and unique, huge range on your color pallet and the severed head makes the model more interesting than typical berserker poses


must have taken a lot of time and patience.

I loved that he's looking very cool and collected after it's obvious he's been in battle. I debated doing blood splatter on parts like his weapon, but I didn't want that to detract from the rest of it.


As for time, it actually went fairly quickly. It was a nice model without too many fidgety bits and large areas to easily cover. And the metal bits for the NMM were simple shapes making it much easier. Plus, I have a tendency to overthink things, so I've been trying to be better at not obsessing so much about the smoothness of  transitions. So things like the NMM aren't pristine, but still visually translate. I figure that stuff will work itself out more with time and active practice. And, who knows, I may just be getting better.

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