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Cranky Dog

Happy Mother's Day

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HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO ALL OF OUR REAPER MOMS!  :wub: Also known in some circles as "How I learned to love my genetically modified parasitic clone Day".


This includes mothers, mums, grandmothers, adoptive mothers, and expectant first time mothers who need the practice.


Y'all a bunch of magical miracle workers, you know that right? It's quite appreciated.


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    • By Cyradis
      My mom and I did a side by side painting of this little Dark Sword demon frog dude. We agreed upon a color scheme and limited palette. She used my Reaper paint, and I used her equivalent Vallejo Game Color paint. She got acquainted with her nice new brush. We did these in ~1hr. Fast sloppy job for me, and enough to encourage her to start highlighting more than previous paint jobs.
      Not my best photos because we are painting at the kitchen table together where I set up picture booth. Tough! 

    • By Cyradis
      I gave Mom the Mousling King for a first figure. Mom has good painting posture and steady hands right off the bat! She also was swiftly good at gauging paint consistency and quantity on the brush. Yay for a first figure!

    • By InvisibleThumb
      Not sure if there was a more appropriate place for this, but I know I've seen a few folks do non-miniature painting and thought I'd ask for advice.
      Dear Mum is more of a hobby artist than myself.  She has taken a couple of courses on drawing and painting and has had some private lessons with a retired artist (watercolor).  I would like to get her a nice book or two that will help her continue improving or just for inspiration to do more even when she no longer has access to the lessons.  She probably has one or two books already from her courses, but I am sure it's been a dozen years or longer since.  Anyway, if anyone could give me a few suggestions, I'd really appreciate it.  I am open to ideas other than a book, too, but she probably has most of the standard materials for watercolor.  She also still does sketching if that helps.
      I think she prefers to do landscape, flowers, and interesting architecture for her watercolors, but I know she has complained about having to get the dimensions of buildings right, so maybe not so much the architecture.
      Thanks!  (PS - I might be brave enough to try to do an homage to her in miniature form this year, but I still want to do the book thing - especially if the miniature does not happen in time)
    • By Jaws
      I wanted to share this mini. It's among my top ten favorite miniatures that I have gotten. Just so morbid and horrible. In the style of the Braindead movie. :)
      Linked offsite due to a nipple showing. 
      See it here.
    • By data
      while painting with my niece and nephew their mother decided she wanted to paint something, here is the result.
      she descibed them as a post apocolypse family with a slight anime influence once she finished painting

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