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Wolves on the Prowl (Rune's Ariadna)

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Hubby doesn't like painting the smaller figures, which is fine by me, but we both would like his force for Infinity to be painted, aaaand I just so happen to want to paint the Ratnik.  That's right, I spent $100 CAD on a boxed set where half the minis will be staying on a shelf for a while, and the other half are there to accompany the one mini I really wanted to paint.  Okay, there's also the fact there's an Ariadna starter in there, but still :P



So first and foremost, we have the minis from Coldfront + Beyond Coldfront assemble and based, which some would say is always a good start.  I'm not going to argue with them ::P:



Mission Models primer!  I think it was something like 16 parts Grey Primer to 4 parts Black Primer, with four or five drops of thinner - I was aiming for slightly darker than grey, but not too too dark.  Just enough to give some basic details.



Bleached Linen drybrushed on to help bring out the details, then I think it was Citadel's Drakenhof Nightshade, uh, shade...  Then Void Blue for the obviously blue bits.



Then the Ratnik got a mix of Void Blue and Dragon Black on some of the armour panels and weaponry, followed by a healthy dose of Secret Weapon's Hard Body Black Wash.  Okay, looks like this fox overdid it a bit, as some things show rather black, but I'll live.  It at least gives me a basic idea of where I am, and where I'm going, which is arguably the most important to me ^_^



Here's a closer look at the Scout (on the left) and Veteran Kazak.  They've received a bit of that Void Blue / Dragon Black mix in crevices if I remember correctly....




Oh yeah, there's also a bit more in the queue for him too...


^USAriadna starter box (for now he's said he'll paint the antipodes (werewolves), but if he asks me to paint them, I'll paint them ^_^



^Support pack (112 Medic... ON A BIKE!), Line Kazaks (additional weaponry for the "basic" troopers), Scout with AP Sniper, Blackjacks with Sniper (big shooty thing!), and a Hardcase Frontiersmen with a Tactical Bow.


Initial focus is going to be on the Coldfront minis, and getting things sorted out so we both have a starter set of miniatures we can game with ^_^

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Some progress last night...




I think it was Styx Purple, although I can't remember if I mixed it with Void Blue as well or not.  Either way, steadily working towards getting more things blocked in!

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14 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

I like that purple.

Me too, although I think I'm going to try and work on making it somewhat more...  Vibrant?  Brighter?  Not quite sure which word to go with, but I definitely have a feeling it will need a few coats to have it all work together, but have a lot more detail to the paint too. ^_^

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49 minutes ago, Lord of the Dish Pit said:

How do these scale with Reaper minis? That Frontiersman with the bow might work as reinforcements for my redneck warband...

Not the best of assembly since it's courtesy of Mister BluTak, but...


Angle might be off just a touch, but I'd say they look relatively close in height, at least compared to Sir Forscale.  One thing you'll want to watch out for though is most of the blister packs aren't coming with regular 25mm round bases anymore, they're coming with LoS bases, which simply have a line in the center, and then arrows at 90 degrees left and 90 degrees right pointing towards the center line.


49 minutes ago, Lord of the Dish Pit said:

As to the purple, probably about three coats I'm guessing. 

Yeah, right now I'm not the happiest with it, but given the success I've had getting what I want from the Citadel paints we have for my Foxes, I'll be giving such paints a try tomorrow, as we have a few blues and purples ^_^  But yeah, that purple, I think I was at 2-3 coats easily just for where it is.

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I won a draw on a Twitch stream to get some help and ideas for coming up with a better looking painted product, and I'm about 90% certain I'll be going with the Ratnik, since it allows me to do a few more things, but also a bunch of the mechanical things I honestly have no ideas what my plans are with those.  So out came the G85, which is nice, because it lets me take better photos.  Room lights instead of my painting lights, because I wanted to see how things are now, and where they'll be going and/or need to go... ^_^



^So first we have the Ariadna Scout with shotgun.  Shading's been started ^_^




^And the Ratnik.  It's sort of visible that I'm going for a blue and purple kind of theme.  As for the hammer, I'm thinking of going with an almost cherry hot look for the tips, but honestly haven't decided whether or not I want that just yet.

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Ratnik got some more work done to it yesterday. Wasn't the happiest with the blue and purple that I had, so changed those up, aaaand also took a bit of inspiration from my Ritterlich for a few areas... 




I'm a lot happier with how things are looking... ^_^

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