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World of Valkyr Fantasy STL


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      "Two Boxes of Battle Maps, Pre Written Adventures, Encounter Generators, Adventure Planners & Monsters for 2 fully mapped settings!
      Loke Battlemats also has "Adventure Box: Valley of Peril" map set and "Untold Encounters of the Random Kind" PDF / book if you prefer retail.
      EDIT: Something something in the first 48 hours!

    • By Inarah
      "The deep underground ocean known as the Shadow Sea has held mysteries for thousands of years, remains of ruined civilizations that built advanced cities and technological wonders in the abyssal depths. As the world of Theira falls into chaos, small bands of adventurers and mercenaries dive into the waters of the underground sea to hunt for the legendary ruins of Darkstar Rift for treasures and artifacts that can help their forces survive the cataclysm of war."


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      Coming soon!
      Campaign Builder: Cities & Towns for 5th Edition
      Create and run 5E adventures that crackle with rich lore, dark plots, and glorious NPCs! A homebrewer's guide to better fantasy cities.

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      Feel free to post screen shots etc from Reaper Live and such to get us all hyped for Bones 6!
    • By JamieDFM
      Hey guys!

      I thought you might like to know that Dragon's Forge Miniatures is going to be running a dwarf themed Kickstarter in the new year, with loads of modular dwarf town terrain, an army of dwarf warriors and some fun townsfolk characters - all available to download as STLs for 3D printing, and with resin casts of the terrain available for those without access to a printer.

      We're posting updates and reveals regularly leading up to the campaign. Here are some links to all the preview articles so far:

      Build Your Own Dwarf Town in our New Kickstarter!

      The First Karvenheim Test Print Is Here!

      And here's a link to the pre-launch page, where you can sign up to be notified on launch: Karvenheim Pre-Launch Page

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