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What I like:


1. Really like the flesh tone you chose. I also wouldn't say the highlights are bad. The transitions points to the shadows are crisp, but neat, so it kinda works for me. Did you try a glaze medium to alter the behavior of the paint?


2. I also enjoy the face. The eyes are good and precise. 


Suggestions to improve the current or next mini:


1. The straps and leather belts at the front blur a bit together, so maybe push the highlights and shadows in such cases more. It could be the sculpt or shallow detail, too. Brown lining might also work, but it seems you already did this.


2. The fur highlights are good, but I think almost black as a shadow colour is too stark a transition. A dark brown would be more subtle.


3. The weapons would benefit from a controlled wash to add depth and shadows to the metal. it looks fairly uniform at the moment and the shapes get lost in the reflections of the metal paint.

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Thanks for the comments Peithetairos.  The front of the mini is very busy and some of the details are a bit soft due to it being a Bones figure but that was also where I was frustrated so that was where corners were being cut, so that was a combination of issues.  The brown lining was an Army Painter wash.  On the fur I used a dark gray and then tried to have more than one tone of lighter colour as the drybrush but my layered drybrushes tend to cover each other up and become one big drybrush.  I went with a gray because there was already so much brown on him that I wanted something to break it up.  I do have a few ideas in regards to the weapons.  I already had a wash across the entire figure, but you recommended a controlled wash, I'm more a "slobber it everywhere" guy.  I need to try controlling washes more since that is what I think was giving me the most problems on the fleshy tones, but I also was using Reaper Blackened Steel for the weapons.  That tends to make things very dark, so I think I will go back to using GW Leadbelcher since that looks more silvery and shows details better... and then use a controlled wash to add depth and shadows ::P:


Thanks again for all the suggestions Peithetairos, they were helpful.  I feel like I've been painting in a vacuum.  I can watch all the YouTube videos there are but when it comes to doing them I have nobody around to hit me over the head with a brush and say "You're doing that wrong!"  My flgs is doing video-conference "painting table" events and I think I need to start attending live events whenever they start back up because I want some live help with my technique.  I just have to get over my embarassment at wearing my magnifying visor in public :blush:.

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