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I tested out trying to paint metal without using any metallic paints...

The rest of the figure isn't started yet (not counting primed), but I thought I'd show his armor as it is.


I'm not sure how I feel about it.

The back of the armor looks okay, but the front looks horrible...

Next time, I'll be sure to use a photo as reference (like the chrome on a Harley or something)...

And maybe a reference photo of somebody who does non-metallic metals well...  Or, at least better than myself...  

Which is probably everybody.  XD


I don't know what this figure is, or where it's from, I just know he is pewter... or lead... and made in ... I think he was stamped with "83" or "94", I don't remember which year.

Just found him in my box of "stuff I have to paint" that's been sitting around for... forever.


As I've already botched him (but not so badly I'm going to start over) - I'm going to try the same method in gold with his shield, and I'm also going to attempt to see if I can't get his sword to "glow"...  He's going to just have to be my "testing" figure.


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Just a small update, he's now finished.

My first time with "non-metallic metals", my first time with trying to make a "glow" effect with the sword (by casting off the armor, etc).

Not bad... Not quite how I wanted it to turn out, but not bad either.


Next time I try, I'll use a reference photo.

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