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Randomness XVII: The Madness of the Quorum

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6 hours ago, redambrosia said:

Well, I supposed to say things like “his tummy seems to be bothering him” or “he’s been pretty tired”. Stupid vague crap that doesn’t tell doctors anything.


I’m sorry, but as a mom, I want particulars. If my baby had a “runny BM” I was to know the color, consistency, and the smell. I want to know if she was just tired, or if she was listless and lacking energy in everything she did. 

It’s obnoxious to me that we’re expected to use this dumbed down language. As though we’re all too stupid not to recognize symptoms and be able to communicate them accurately.

I agree with you and i think the parents should be told when the kid is feeling poorly.  Unfortunatly the daycare is probably trying to avoid potential lawsuits.  You can thank all those people who think your daycare company is rolling in money for that.  The people I know who work in non-medical jobs who see medical issues (geriatric care, day care, teachers assistant, etc)  all get variants of the same speech.  The lecture they've gotten is that if you diagnose and you're wrong, they can sue for the false diagnosis but if your right, you're practicing medicine without a license.  


I don't know the specifics of your daycare but most of my friends have been asked to either put qualifiers in front of the statement like ' I'm not a doctor and can't diagnose things but...' or describe what you see without giving a cause 'Fred's ear looked red today' 


Your workplace is going for the general 'we know nothing approach' but the goal is the same:  stay out of court.  It really is amazing the lengths we've had to go to to keep people from being upset out of their fantasy world... as long as it's an acceptable fantasy world.  

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13 hours ago, kristof65 said:


I've lost all motivation to hobby recently. 


Here's your membership card, your key to the clubhouse, a meeting schedule (don't bother looking, it's blank), fifty plastic tokens, a tshirt,, and a beanie. Newsletters will come out every, er, maybe.

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Howdy all. Went through some tough stuff this week that I felt like sharing. Putting it behind a spoiler because I don't want to make anyone slightly sad if they don't want to be.



So I lost my senior dog of 13 years this week. Janeway, or as we called her Jane. Her health problems had become so bad that treatment was no longer an option. and even if by some chance it were she had gotten to the stage where she could barely move due to the deterioration of her joints and hips. So on Monday I arranged for a vet to come by the following day and euthanize her on her favorite blanket while laying in her favorite sunny spot in the yard. She spent her last 24 hours getting all the attention in the house (the cats were pissed) and being hand fed all her favorite foods. It's been very emotional as my wife and I are very attached to our pets. But the last couple of weeks have been breaking our hearts seeing such a gentle and intelligent animal struggle so much. And we are glad she's no longer in pain.


Anyways, I'm one of those people who holds on to the good memories when grieving to help me get through it and I'd like to share a little of that with you all since talking about it helps (and everyone I know who I've told about it has started crying - she loved a lot of people).


We found Jane in our county shelter. She was in a cage she couldn't stand up in and just made crying sounds when you paid attention to her. We asked to see her out of the cage and as soon as they opened the door she bolted and ran around the shelter at top speed for several minutes just letting that energy out. I tried to grab her but she was moving so fast it actually felt like my arm was being pulled out of my socket. The change from sad dog to happy dog was so quick that my wife and I both decided she was the dog for us and we took her home that night. 


We have no idea where she came from as the shelter doesn't release those details. But they did warn us it was from an abusive situation. Her tail had already been docked and they said her ears would likely have gone next if she hadn't been found. She's a rottweiler hound dog mix. Two breeds known for legendary pain resistance and we think she was being bred as a fighting dog. She was 45 pounds when we got her and both the shelter and our vet thought she might top out at 65 pounds. She did not. She topped out at a muscular 110 pounds. 


Despite her intimidating size she turned out to be extraordinarily gentle. She quickly met some young girls who lived across the alley from us who would sneak into our yard to play with her. She put up with our mean old cats using her as furniture (she did not like it). And she befriended an elderly next door neighbor who could barely move. She'd get all excited when our neighbor would come and sit on her back porch and we'd let her over there so she could just sit quietly next to her while she got slowly petted. In fact she was great with every single person she met with only a couple of exceptions. Right up until the end she hated mailmen and delivery drivers with a passion. In fact on a walks if I saw a UPS truck parked along our route I'd go another way. And she hated bald, fat guys with face tattoos. That one she eventually got over, I've got a few buddies who fit that description, but it took years. 


And she was fast too. I'd take her out to my folks place in the country on occasion to let her run her self tired and then lay in the grass and sleep (or sometimes happily roll around in deer poop). I remember one time it had rained quite a lot and there was about a half inch of water in a low part of the field out back of their house. You ever seen a speed boat kicking up a rooster tail of water behind them? It was like watching a little furry speedboat running back forth kicking up about a two foot tall spray of water behind her for about an hour. Which was extra funny to us because she hated baths and rain to the point that she would try and hide when we said the b word and I'd have to pick her up and carry her outside to use the bathroom when it was raining. 


Times changed and so did our lives. Eventually we moved into the house we're in now and ended up getting pets other than the old cats we had when we got her. When she met our current cats as kittens it was so touching. To each little ball of hissing, spitting fluff she tried to give one of her toys. Which were several times the size of the kitten in question. Cats are cats and they did not reciprocate. In fact one of our cats decided to be her enemy. As she got older and slower the cat would sit just out of lunging reach and stare at her when she tried to eat stressing her out. And she would "accidentally" flop down on top of him when he was trying to sleep. Eventually she started to get moody and wouldn't eat. We took her to the vet who said he thought she was just depressed when he couldn't find anything. So he said get another dog. A week later a friend of ours who lives down in Appalachia said he found a feral little puppy and we said we'd take it. That dog, Benny, Was a nine pound ball of wild madness that immediately attacked any animal bigger than him. When introduced to Jane he grabbed her by the face and held on. Her response was to stand up, knock him off with a single swipe from her paw, and then lay on top of him and chew/lick him until he calmed down. Took her all of about 15 minutes to calm him down and they "got along" ever since. Granted, sometimes that meant she'd just lay down and cover her ears while he bounced around on top of her growling and acting like an idiot. But it always ended with her rolling over on top of him and slobbering all over him until they both got tired. Nothing like having a spit covered little dog jump right into your lap after one of those sessions. 


Anyways, time progressed and she got older and more fragile. Walks eventually stopped for her and she slept more and more. We rearranged the house after she could no longer safely climb the stairs so we could hang out with her on the first floor more often. At one point she couldn't climb up into bed with me any more. That broke my heart. For over a decade she'd slept either pressed up against my side, or on top of me, or under the covers with me if there was a storm or fireworks. She got more treats, and folks (at least before the pandemic) would come to see her since she could no longer travel. I know this is an odd thing to say, but I feel fortunate to be forced to work from home the last 3 and a half months because it meant I got to be with her all day every day. I'm going to cherish that time.


Anyways, I could ramble on about her for page after page. But I think you all get the idea. So instead here's some of my pictures of her over the years...


Her first night home from the shelter. She eventually grew into those ears.



For a while after getting her all we had for living room furniture was this little love seat. She managed to squeeze onto it with us until she hit about 90 pounds and I bought an actual sofa.



She would sleep with her eyes open like this at times, I always found it hilarious.



Her favorite homemade treats, these take a couple of hours and the whole house smells like peanut butter. I cleaned up so much drool when making these.



A few years back my wife made he mistake of giving her pizza crust. From then on I was never alone when eating pizza. In fact, after that if I got within a block of the local pizza place on a walk she'd try and drag me over there.



Post run cool down on the lawn at my folks place.



Despite the stairs no longer being safe for her she would still occasionally tear down the gate and drag herself up to my wife's office. She was always so happy when she did that.



One of her favorite toys and her favorite chair. She was pretty sad when I threw that chair out.



Her and her buddy Benny. 



This is the last photo of her I have before she started really going down hill. This was her favorite spot in the yard.



Thanks for letting me share with you all. If you have a pet please go give them a hug for me.



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7 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:


Anything we can do to help?


3 hours ago, Pezler the Polychromatic said:

*cracks knuckles* Muse here, whatcha need?

Thanks - I wish I knew what the cause was. 

I know part of it is with no in person gaming, I have no motivating factors or deadlines to paint minis.  But that doesn't explain why I have no motivation to fix my 3d printer, nor an to write nor to finish that sailboat painting, nor use any of my many, many creative computer programs like 3d modeling or CC3+


1 hour ago, Pegazus said:


Here's your membership card, your key to the clubhouse, a meeting schedule (don't bother looking, it's blank), fifty plastic tokens, a tshirt,, and a beanie. Newsletters will come out every, er, maybe.

Um, thanks? ::):

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3 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

@buglips*the*goblin @Guindyloo I lack other social media, so I've just learned ( beign an ignorant wolf and all). 




49 minutes ago, Kangaroorex said:

Well congratulations @Guindyloo and @buglips*the*goblin from another member of the social media Bohemian society  I wish you all the best

But I will be upgrading all my sock protection traps to titanium!


I feel I have missed something somewhere.


Going to make myself do adulting stuff today. Probably going to start with phone calls soon. 

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2 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

@Thoramel my sympathies!


Always hard to lose a pet.

The other day I read something :


You know how humans live their lives learning how to be kind and gentle to each other?

Dogs already know that, so that's why they don't stay around that long.



And in this, they are our teachers, for which I give thanks.


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I did not make phone calls. It is early enough in the day that I still could but I don't have the spoons to do it today. Thankfully, they aren't time sensitive things.


I did wake up at 8 and go back to bed around 10 and sleep until noon. Husband did the same and both our cats joined us. It was nice. 

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Painting Platinum started at 3:16 PM.  Sadie is painting 77134 - Hajad, Pirate.  What topics will she address today?  Pictures from her trip have been mentioned.


ETA: They opened the giveaway for one set of two paints (green steel and blue steel metallics) and a pokey tool.



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