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Randomness XVII: The Madness of the Quorum

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This is the summary of an email exchange I've been having with a customer for the last three weeks.  We finally resolved their problem today. 

Customer: I'm having a problem trying to log in.
Me: What error message are you getting?

Customer: I'm not getting any error messages. 

I test my connection to their site. It works, implying problem is with her PC. 
Me: Well, if you're not getting any error messages, and I can get in, the possibilities are limited.  Watch this video on logging in - at what point in the video are you having a problem?
Customer: I hit the connect icon, and nothing happens.
Me: Nothing? What happens after you press enter? 
Customer: Oh, I didn't press enter. 
Me: Try pressing enter
Customer: That was it. Thank you for fixing it for me. 

Not only did they not press enter, I'm pretty sure they didn't watch the video - because the video covers pressing enter. 

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22 hours ago, redambrosia said:

I got Hubby dragon feet slippers. The results were predictable.



In a few weeks BD is getting some VINTAGE Hulk Hands.


The ones that make smashing noises. ::P:


Those were SO much better than the movie they were made for! I've had them stored in Mum's attic, time BD gets to use them to annoy us. :lol:

On 8/30/2020 at 8:01 AM, TGP said:

I’d like to play Warlord again. 
I’d like to (have a long hard think and figure out how to) modify it into Warlord Lite. 

Sky Galleons of Mars is another. 

Man O War is yet another. 

Grump tries to talk me into Soldier's Companion, the ground infantry game for Sky Galleons.


He'd have an easier time with Sky Galleons, I think.


I wonder if Thingiverse has the ships.

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36 minutes ago, kristof65 said:

Thanks.   Copper foil method is what my wife primarily does.  She's been doing it for 14 years now.  I've watched her enough times I know what to do, I just don't want to.  The kiln was her way to sucker me in. 

About 10 years ago, she worked part time at a glass shop for a few months. For the bulk of the time she worked there, one of the more experienced artists was doing a huge panel - 6'x8' IIRC - depicting an underwater sea life scene.  All of the fish in it were done as fused glass pieces, then incorporated into the copper foil panel.  This allowed for more intricate fish than could be done in a copper foil panel alone.   We always thought it was a cool idea, and I started encouraging her to save for a kiln so she could do the same.  And after we moved here to Iowa and her business picked up, she did start saving towards one. 

Then last year my cousin ordered a big sea life scene for a pantry door at her house, where it would have been nice if a kiln could have have been used.  So afterwards,  my wife had me take her to the glass supply store in Omaha, where she spent 80% of her commission proceeds on a new kiln.   After we got it home, it took me a couple months to get it installed and set up, and then she informs me that she bought it for me. 

I hadn't done much with it (and was feeling guilty about that) until she got her big commission this year, and we realized that using the kiln was the best way to accomplish parts of it.  Part of the reason I hadn't done much with it was lack of supplies. I would get an idea for a project, then get bummed out because despite her huge supply of glass, she only had a few sheets of fuseable glass - meaning I had to either do monochrome projects, or buy new supplies. 

I was not going to let fusing cut into my miniature & gaming hobby budget. 


sounds like fun!  between way too many hobbies and some rexlings that aren't ready to find their own way in the world, the house is still a little crowded and I cant really come up with the space or I would have probably continued to work with glass.  I have always loved to play with the properties of glass and how it can be a solid but its not. 


Which reminds me, an older friend of my has been promising to teach me to do some glass figurines but then Covid hit.  I need to get in touch with him and see how he's doing...


13 minutes ago, Inarah said:

Or go look over the paint contest entries....




Ah, my nemesis the painting competition:  This year you have been thwarted and cannot make me stress and experience disappointment when I find out I'm not as good as I think I am.  I guess every cloud really does have a silver lining...


I am going to miss seeing everyone though...

5 minutes ago, PaganMegan said:

He'd have an easier time with Sky Galleons, I think.


I wonder if Thingiverse has the ships.


A long time ago I had a friend who loved Man O' War.  He loved it so much that he flew to Nottingham, got an appointment with one of their directors and kept throwing money at them until they gave in and cast a new set of fleets for him with all the remaining functional molds.  To this day he wont tell anyone what it cost

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8 minutes ago, Kangaroorex said:

A long time ago I had a friend who loved Man O' War.  He loved it so much that he flew to Nottingham, got an appointment with one of their directors and kept throwing money at them until they gave in and cast a new set of fleets for him with all the remaining functional moulds. 


Some of those, or proxies for them, exist on Thingiverse as well.

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10 hours ago, WhiteWulfe said:

Heat wave where its above 33C just a few weeks ago.. Low of 1C tonight.  Weiiiiiiird weather this year, to say the least. 


Yeah,a couple weeks of over 30 C temps was starting to wear me down. Head to the mountains for a few days and when we get back it was only +5 here over night and the daily highs are only predicted to be about 20 C. It went from hot, dry summer to cool fall while I wasn't looking. Even some of the trees are starting to change colour. I just hope it doesn't snow in September like the last 2 years. I have no crop this year (rented it all out) but have a lot of work I'd like to accomplish while it's somewhere between melting hot and freezing cold.


So summer trip 2020 finished. Need to download photos from my wife and kid's phones so I can share a few. Lots of big mountains, some glaciers and water falls and some lakes and rivers. Liked Jasper. The town itself isn't as pretty as Banff but it's nice and less tourists. Covid protocals were a pain but as we were outside most of the time it was bearable. Weather was great and the only bad thing was that the wife sprained her ankle on the last day at the second last stop. I'm an expert on sprained ankles as I have one that's been damaged so often it's floppier than it should be. She should be ok with a bit of rest and I had everything she needed along in case I messed mine up while hiking..


Wildest thing that happened was on the return trip north of Lake Louise. This stretch isn't nearly as rough as the area further north but it's still got hills that block line of sight and not many passing possibilities. I'm driving a bit over the legal limit because it's Alberta and it's rare anyone drives near the limit. I'm not that used to mountain driving so I'm not breaking any records. One car passes me on the uphill stretch where you can't see what's coming. Next bump the second black car behind me pulls out to pass, also with no forward sight distance, when they are beside the vehicle behind me that vehicle (white) pulls out to pass me and nearly hits the 2nd one. Can see this in my rearveiw mirror. In the next dip this cluster#$%^ manages to pass me and going up the next hill again with no forward sight distance the black vehicle that was nearly run off the road passes the white car that nearly caused that accident and while passing the first vehicle that went around me a couple kilometers ago almost runs head on into an oncoming car, managing to swerve back into the proper lane, missing the oncoming car by a few feet and the car it passed by a few more. The oncoming car slammed their brakes hard to miss the collision and the car first car that passed me had to slow down which meant the 2nd white car (which nearly ran the current top idiot off the road) was right up all their butts and I was only about a hundred feet behind them. All this was taking place at at least 100+ kph on a windy mountain road rated 90 kph max. Could've killed us all Over the next hill was a long stretch where passing was allowed and another minivan flew by everyone at about 140 kph. Next bump the white car heads for a roadside turnout, almost stops and then starts to pull back into the highway right in front of me. I had to pull into the oncoming lane, luckily empty, to miss them and then they pass me yet again for the last time. I've nearly been in bad accidents a few times over the years but this was the most dangerous and concentrated stupidity I've ever seen on any road with 3 terrible drivers moving high speed all in one cluster nearly hitting 3 other vehicles.


It's good to be home.

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Wife went to school this morning. I am all alone at least for another hour.. made coffee but fell back asleep. Have to work this evening. Now am up warming the coffee up. I really want to playtest my adventure... I may have to try to recruit some Vic....I mean volunteers.....

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14 hours ago, kristof65 said:

Five days ago I took a bunch of my wife's scrap glass from her big window commission, and threw this together:



Piled a bunch of frit (broken glass) on it to fill in the gaps, and put it in the kiln for about 15 hours to fuse it all together.  Yesterday I got a chance to put it back in the kiln for another 12 hours on a plate mold to slump it into shape.  Pulled it out this morning, and this is the final result:



I was thinking "Meh" and wondering what dark corner I was going to place it in.   My wife posted it to her business FB page, and had it sold four hours later - for twice the price I would have asked. 

I think I'm officially an employee of hers now. ::o:


I see why it sold quick. It looks like an abstract sunflower. 

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I'm currently enjoying the last (kind of) cool day until the heat wave hits. Which is not going to help things here... ::(:

In other news, one of the new members of a Japanese "Dark Idol" group I kind of follow started a YouTube channel. Thus, the algorithm shall be further confused by me and my wild interests. :devil:

Seriously. YouTube and other things shows me the weirdest things thinking I'll like it. I spend a lot of time scrolling through anything "recommended" for me.


And in other other news, I finished reading through Dracula's America and, oh boy, is there some cringing to be had. I can't even the whole "Skinwalker Tribes" thing. Like, I'm a white dude, but damn! :blink:

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Anne's message on Reaper's channel:

4-Month Subscriber (3-Month Badge)paintingbig
: Hey peeps I'll be streaming over on *** today because they're still setting up the new studio at Reaper and Justin is busy.



I believe the *** is the link to her channel.  She's getting ready now.


Streaming Miniature Painting - Reaper Fire Giant King Gold NMM Weird Surfaces :)



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1 hour ago, kristof65 said:

Not only did they not press enter, I'm pretty sure they didn't watch the video - because the video covers pressing enter. 

*slight story, but I do have a point related, just bear with me.


I once had a US history professor tell me that the electoral college was created because the founding fathers were afraid of what the uneducated masses would do (no idea if that is true or not, but it seems fairly plausible given that formal schooling still wasn't universal back in the 18th century). I'm a fairly progressive thinker, feeling it's an antiquated system (like fax machines, but that's another story altogether), and most voters have education now... and, dare I say it, at least some form of intelligence in at least one area of their life.


But then I read stories like this, or some of @OneBoot's, or some of the many others you all share... and at those instances, while I am face-palming, it makes me think that maybe we aren't quite there yet.

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