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Randomness XVII: The Madness of the Quorum

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My brains got blown out of my head earlier today. Fortunately, I have recovered enough pieces to be able to type a coherent post on the forums.


So my school's still able to do a fall musical. So I bop into the room, take a seat, and lean back to listen.

The musical we're doing?

You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown.

My jaw drops.

Sometime about two months ago, I had a sudden but deep fascination with that musical, and I studied it and basically listening to the soundtrack so much I have it memorized. (Not to mention I've loved Peanuts for years and years already.)

And THIS is the musical that we're doing!?!?!


How cool is that!?


And here I am now, listening to the album again, and occasionally giggling to myself and being like "This is the play we're doing!!!!!".


And watch, now I won't make the cast and be eternally depressed. I'll run into the mountains and become a hermit, mourning my loss for the rest of my days. Yeah, I kinda chose luck as a dump stat.

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41 minutes ago, NebulousMissy said:

So now I'm unsure if the professor will be mad that I'm making his grad students look bad or if I'm going to be teaching 40 person classes from now on.


If the university you are at is anything like the one where I worked, teaching first year Gen Chem lab was the place where they sent (a) first-year grad student TAs or (b) the TAs no other professor wanted. I wouldn't worry about making them look bad.

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So I've decided to use that 25 dollar gift code from ebay towards either Aoshima Knight Rider KITT (season 1 or season 4) model or Aoshima Delorean (B2tF 1 or 2, leaning towards 1) model. I just can't decide. I like both cars equally. I'm kinda leanin towards KITT but the lack of finding the LED kit is a bummer. Both kits are equally priced & the coupon code will cut the price in half.

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So, I’m sitting at my desk, getting ready to paint. There’s a window with an AC unit right in front of me. I’m all happy and cheerful, until I start smelling smoke. Like, tons of it. I look outside and it’s suddenly very hazy and brown, where a few minutes ago it was clear and sunny. 

Turns out there’s a pretty big fire north of here on the Montana border.


My lungs do not care for this situation at all.

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1 hour ago, kristof65 said:

Sounds like an opportunity to learn some basic electronics and Arduino programming. 


It would be, but alas my basic electronic skills are pretty much plugging in a power cord into a outlet these days. Working with the actual boards & such, I've always been intimidated & such.


The board does look pretty simple.



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2 hours ago, Marvin said:

Changed my ringtone to something new (any Episodes fans around?) for the first time in years (I've used the "classic ringer" or whatever pretty much exclusively for over a decade; I'm so boring lol). Now just waiting on somebody to call...


Waiting... It's after midnight, but...


Still waiting...

*gives @Marvin's phone number to scammers*


I'm helping! ::):

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