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Randomness XVII: The Madness of the Quorum

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15 minutes ago, NebulousMissy said:

It's also a birthday cake if it has dinosaur sprinkles.

Meeple sprinkles...

Steampunk sprinkles...

Lightning bolt sprinkles...

Tardis sprinkles...


Don't seem to have any dinosaur sprinkles.


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8 hours ago, PaganMegan said:


Hoping the "cake" BD chose doesn't melt before Grump can blow out ALL the candles! It takes three boxes to have enough candles! ::D:


7 hours ago, PaganMegan said:

Wow, that's a lot of candles.


This isn't a birthday cake, it's a BONFIRE! ::D:


Psssssst, @TheAuldGrump, I think Megan is saying that you're old........................:ph34r:

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13 hours ago, ShadowRaven said:

people are dumb. I don't like people


Yah my wife & I were doing our weekly grocery shopping at Wallyworld yesterday when some idiot came up behind & scooted her damn @SS in-between myself & a cooler case just to get one of those pre-made sandwiches. I was like really? You couldn't wait like 2 mins for me to leave?? She was "uhhhhhhhh" My response was "Yah, that's what I thought."


Last couple days I've seen allot of a certain orange "dictator" masks & even a Rambo with T's head imposed on it flag, shockingly she wasn't wearing anything with him on it. Still an idiot.


At least the smoke has cleared up. It still hazy but it's not as bad as Saturday. We couldn't catch the bunny to bring her inside till this cleared up, but she is doing pretty good, even thou we know that air out there isn't good for anyone right now.


Crazy week thou for my FLGS. Earlier in the week as I went up & bought those 2 sahaugin minis I needed for Saturday's home game, I was told good news. The store had the go ahead to open up for live events again, starting the 28th of the this month! That being a Monday, meant 'hey I'm back DMing Eberron AL games again!"!!! We drove past the store yesterday & since COVID19 came about, he has been closed on Sundays, so no surprises there. I did see a paper taped to the door & it said COVID19 something something. I kinda thought I knew what was on it but their Facebook posting confirmed. One of the staff (not that many (4, owner, co-owner, co-owner's wife & the rpg game coordinator) has come down with the virus & the store is under quarantine. Which is scary & sad, a the store has been one of the cleanest, follows the safety code to the tee, etc etc. So it must have come outside the store when one of them was out & about. They are hoping to be open by the 28th thou, but I'm a bit weary of going in there for awhile. It took me like 5 months after a close convenience store got it to go back inside that place.


Speaking of RPGs, my Saturday at home D&D game got off to a great start. Nice to see one guy who travels from Northern Idaho (about an hour, one way for him) & then anther guy I'd only seen as he surprised me while I was throwing soup cases to the shelf. I decided to move the game to the garage due to the onset of the Western OR fires smoke coming in. We still got it & my lungs were hurting afterwards. Still it was a fun few hours & nice to game at my house. It's been many, many years since I've done that. We are hoping to get 3 more people for next week. Word is hard to get out here for players, one of the reason why I'm thankful for the FLGS.


I'm running a older season of AL games from Baldman Games. The adventures are set in the Moonshae Isles.

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7 hours ago, redambrosia said:

Not to beat a dead horse, but I would really like to feel better. I took all my antibiotics like a good girl, I’ve been taking my mucinex regularly, drink an absurd amount of fluids... but right now I feel worse. Like, seriously, can I feel better now???


I can sympathize.  I recently had a sinus infection and things got better while on the antibiotics but the day after I finished the course, the symptoms came right back.  I had to take a second course to finish the thing off.  


Hope you feel better soon!

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On 9/12/2020 at 5:50 PM, NebulousMissy said:


Swearing is the most important step. There needs to be more than two boxes.


No, srsly, I taught my students the importance of swearing during/at lab accidents. Because if you can swear at a situation you'll probably be fine. If you can't then you need to deescalate it until you can swear at it. I used the cotton labcoat as an example. If I get set on fire with a cotton labcoat I will throw it off while swearing under the stream of the safety shower. If I get set on fire with a polyester labcoat I would not be swearing because I could easily end up dead.


This is so true.  I learned it from the EMTs that work at the track with us.  They use it when responding to bike and car crashes.  If they can hear the rider/driver swearing as they approach it is a huge relief for them, especially on a big crash. If they can swear, they aren't too badly hurt.

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1 minute ago, Jasper_the_2nd said:


This is so true.  I learned it from the EMTs that work at the track with us.  They use it when responding to bike and car crashes.  If they can hear the rider/driver swearing as they approach it is a huge relief for them, especially on a big crash. If they can swear, they aren't too badly hurt.


This made me think of an incident with my dad. He was a tough little bleep but had his wimpy moments. One time he cut himself painfully and was running around in circles saying, "I'm gonna pass out, I'm gonna pass out." I have a bit above basic first aid training and had been in a some situations with people that were knocked out or passed out. I looked at him and said, "Most people who are going to pass out can't make that many laps. They just crumble." Got him calmed down and bandaged up. The few more serious incidents I was involved in it was usually the people making the least noise that needed the most help.


So tired of being chronically tired. Last week I haven't been getting good sleep for various reasons and my energy level is in the hole. Really need to get a few things finished while the weather is nice but constantly getting distracted by little requests from other people. By the time I handle their stuff (which usually isn't difficult just takes a bit of time) I've got no time and energy for my stuff. Still have time but I know from experience if I slack off that disappears fast. Theoretically I like to work average days at a steady, reliable pace. In reality I seem to have two speeds, full steam ahead or dead stop. Tired of full steam but fighting to break out of dead stop.

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I haven't caught up yet, but I thought I might pass on some information about the situation here:

The EPA has an Air Quality Index that ranges between 0 and 500. Anything above 50 should be noted.

When I left work today, the AQI was ranging from 232 to 434, depending on your location in the city.

Eugene had an AQI of over 700 this weekend.

We're dying here.

At the levels we're dealing with, they don't have reliable data on what happens to your body. It sounds like ash particles are entering our bloodstream, as your parts can't filter this stuff out at the levels we're seeing, which means we're going to starting having lung damage, strokes, and heart attacks.

I have to work outside and my company doesn't care enough to send even an email to everyone about what to do. And they haven't bothered to even try to get N95 masks for us. When the pandemic hit, you know what they bought us (after someone told the state that they were leaving us flapping in the breeze)? Bandanas. Thin, crappy bandanas. That's it. And the one guy who was trying to organize a union is now getting promoted into management, so we're probably all going to get fired away.

I just... I can't even this whole year.

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