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Randomness XVII: The Madness of the Quorum

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Welp. Doctor's pretty sure the wife has the 'rona based off symptoms that have presented in all his positive patients. But he's kind of a dipbroccoli and a world-class broccoli, so waiting on that test to come back. Tomorrow or the next day at the latest. She's sick and coughing and all but doing okay considering so far.


And... tomorrow morning she's having to have her dachshund put down. Injured his back again, can't walk, lost control of his functions. Been a few days now.


He's 12 years old and has had a good run, but it's killing us. Her older dog died just last August. We've been estranged so stupidly long, I haven't seen them in four years, and when Cody went I said I'd never see Roscoe again either. And, well.


Feels like the death of something more.


My corgi, at eight years old, will be the elder of the family now.


RiP Roscoe. You've been a glorious little bastard.





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Years ago, I redrew a friend's main campaign world map in Campaign Cartographer for her while I was playing in her game.  We recently started an online campaign in the same setting, and she mentioned how the map is now out of date.  I volunteered to update it for her, to which she readily agreed. 

Only now I can't find the file, which means it was lost when my first network drive died years ago.  No worries, she should still have her copy of the file, and even ie doesn't, if she can at least give me the scale for the png version I still have, I can quickly redraw it. I was planning on doing that anyway, because there are a couple of the annual styles that will really make it look 300% better than my original attempt. 

But I can't get her to respond to me...

I was kind of excited about this, but not if I have to nag her. 

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Ugh, I spent three hours last night trying to do NMM on a small part of a mini and I seriously thought that I'd nailed it. Looked at it this morning and realized that in actuality it was a badly blended, grainy piece of carp :unsure: Into the isopropyl it goes.....


Think I'll work on my Mystic Portal today, it's almost impossible to mess up weathering, right?

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8 hours ago, strawhat said:



I keep finding new spots of bare Bonesium or otherwise poorly covered Bonesium.


  Reveal hidden contents





I'm thinking about shelving him for a bit to work on Tyrants of Lothal, but I'll probably just plod along bit by bit.

That's a pretty blue, what is it?

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9 hours ago, Unruly said:

It's been a while since I stopped by here.


This counts as a mini, right?



If there're wargaming rules for it, then it's a mini. And I've already played this game several times, it's pretty fun. :winkthumbs:


12 hours ago, sumbloke said:





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