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Randomness XVII: The Madness of the Quorum

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27 minutes ago, Mad Jack said:


 Wow...   :blink:


  Hide contents


     USPS apparently stands for United States Postal Sarcasm... :rolleyes:


 Seller shipped it out on May 15th from NC, arrived in CT on June 2nd.






Wow, what the.... Did the contents survive, assuming you can even get in there? 

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It's all just grease and other stuff on the outside of the envelope, and fortunately dry by now - the contents were unharmed.

I found the direction sheets for the 1980's LJN AD&D bronze dragon and destrier toys on EvilBuy for cheap, so I bought em. They were shipped in a comic book bag taped between two sheets of corrugated cardboard so they were fine.


As for what happened, I can only assume it got caught in a sorting machine mishap and yanked through somewhere it wasn't supposed to go...

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9 hours ago, Cygnwulf said:

I think this is a lot of it, a lot of the communities I was in people started to give the critique of "that sucks" instead of "I think it would look better if you xxxx" and it lead to a general sentiment of "don't critique unless they ask for it".


It's hard sometimes to know if someone actually wants critique or just wants to show off.  

I started a thread about this a while ago....


EDIT---here it is if you're interested:



2 hours ago, kristof65 said:

Nobody has mentioned this change to the forums that I feel has affected feedback on WiP and Show Off threads. 

The Like button. 

I noticed a drop off in the number of posts after those buttons were added to the forum. Before they were there, you had to actually say "Nice Job", "Great work!", etc, which resulted in a reply, and the post being bumped up in the Unread Posts column. I think we still have almost as many people browsing those threads, but most of us (myself included), are simply liking a post, rather than actually commenting if we don't have anything else to say.  

I agree.

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Finished going through what could be salvaged from our storage space.


Feeling melancholy, not just because how many books we lost.


I found an old cookie tin that I hadn't opened in... longer than Megan has been alive - it contains an old Apple II floppy labeled Katherine, Molly & Dennis - from 1979.


Katherine  was my first girlfriend, and Molly's first girlfriend as well.


She committed suicide in 1981.


I don't even remember what we put on that disk.


The Auld Grump

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We did the most productive thing we could do today.

Truck has been in the Dealers Shop since Friday afternoon, they called this AM to say the work was done and I said OK, we'll be in in the afternoon.  Had to wait to pick it up because the HVAC guy who replaced a starting capacitor last week had to come back and replace the whole blower motor today.  That was $425 we didn't really want to spend right now.

Picked up truck, gassed it up and after dropping the sedan off at home we Went For A Drive. ::D::bday:::P:

Did a big loop through the San Bernardino Mountain Resorts including a Sit Down Prime Rib Dinner at The Captain's Anchorage in Big Bear.  Yes, Real Food with Real Linen Table Service and Live People to Serve It. :bday::bday::bday:  Food was excellent, it always is there.  They serve actual Prime Graded Cuts of Beef and Select Seafood.

Place has a "history" as it was originally built by Character Actor Andy Devine as a mountain getaway for all his Hollywood Cronies.

A high class Roadhouse near a quiet Mountain Resort.  The area has grown and it's now just off of a busy State Highway with a shopping center less than half a mile away and the Bear Mountain Ski Resort about two miles drive up the street.

When we decided to go for a drive we figured we would roll the dice come dinner time.  We arrived at their front door precisely at 4:30 with a couple walking down the front of the building so we knew we had gotten lucky.  Parked the truck, walked in, and they asked us if we had a reservation.  We stated no, they said not a problem and had a table ready for us in less than a minute.

They have obviously taken some tables out due to the virus and there is a big sign on the door "Must Have A Mask To Enter", which was no problem for us.  Service was attentive and the beef was So Good, as were the soup, salad, and accompaniments.

I couldn't finish mine so there is a hunk of melt in your mouth Prime Rib currently chillin' in the 'fridge that will be made into a Prime Rib Sandwich later. ::):

We needed the break, they needed the customers, so everybody is a winner.

I hope the rest of you have had as good a day as ours.  If not today, hopefully tomorrow.


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8 hours ago, Marvin said:

I haven't been in Beekeepers for years now, but I'm a big ol' right-wing turd, so, sorry, I guess. I've caught some pretty good shade for it, too.


I'm happy the forum is as it is, keeping the politics, etc. at bay.  I get enough of that stuff elsewhere.  I tend to ignore political commentary when I see it here.  I have no desire to fan the flames. 


5 hours ago, kristof65 said:

Nobody has mentioned this change to the forums that I feel has affected feedback on WiP and Show Off threads. 

The Like button. 


You're right.  Fewer comments.  However, it also means I will click Like whereas before I was not likely to leave a one liner comment.  Which is better?

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36 minutes ago, Green Eyed Monster said:

That's either a very well done model diorama or an extremely large scale model on a full size truck.


Why rule out the possibility this is the real thing?

We know nothing!!!

They're here!!


I hope everybody is doing alright, stay safe, stay healthy and keep out of trouble you all!

( I mean, I need you all, who else is going to like my posts?)

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SWMBO and I have this week off work. Been getting a few things sorted out around the house - today after the dishwasher install guy had been I replaced the kitchen tap (we had to empty out that cupboard for him to work, so figured I might as well take advantage while it was empty).


Dishwasher was replaced because the old one had had it. And it was an old one, the installer said it was about twice as old as the house, so was probably already used when it was installed here.


Also been doing a bit of work in the garden. On the weekend we visited some people who had come to the wedding who happen to also run a nursery. Got a few tips as well as a couple of new plants.

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