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Randomness XVII: The Madness of the Quorum

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Fire is never good in packed hooomun habitats.


Actually raining here tonight & of course, the bunny is sitting out in it, munching on a twig. Hopefully the rain washes some of the grit out of her fur. There only a couple soft spots left on her (well areas she'll let you touch of course).


Next D&D session is on tomorrow morning. Suppose to have 3 people so that's 1 more then the 1st session. Hopefully it won't be raining as I haven't set up the extra lighting yet & knda need the door open for light.

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4 hours ago, Green Eyed Monster said:

This is my thought also.

You mentioned the possibility of a farmhouse.  If this is the case, is it in the realm of the possible to consider it as a possible source of income through rental/lease of either the house or the arable land for crop production?

Even if it only carried the costs of Property Taxes and maintenance, as has been pointed out, they just don't make more land. {Unless you live on a Volcanic Island, which carries its own


Looking on Google Maps, I didn't see a farmhouse, but I thought for sure they'd kept it because it was like her grandfather's place. Then I looked closer, and I think I found the remains of one. So, it looks like renting the place out is not in the cards, but that's fine.


3 hours ago, Cranky Dog said:

Out of curiosity, how much *is* the land worth?


At $7/year, even considering inflation, it's a steal, well worth keeping. Who knows what your plans will be or what will develop in that area in the next 20 years.


County assessors office says it's worth $22k, which comes out to $2400 an acre. Might be more during the estate settlement.

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13 hours ago, TaleSpinner said:


Says the admitted mini thief. 

You have no idea how happy Megan stealing my minis makes me.


It always puts a smile on my face. ::):


It's when her Mum shows up wearing my tee shirts that I start to be concerned. (Tee shirt stealing is hereditary in her family.)


9 hours ago, Pezler the Polychromatic said:

Well, @TheAuldGrump stole your heart, so stealing his minis is only fair.

I tried to give it back!


She wouldn't take it!




I think the 3D printer may have changed the equation - she is printing about three to my one. ::P:


The Auld Grump

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2 hours ago, redambrosia said:

Just looked over the new organization. I like it, well done mod team :winkthumbs:

I’m pretty sure we still have a ways to go, but some of the work (like sorting the old Sculpting and Conversion sections into the new multiple homes) is going to take us time to get through. Expect little and not so little changes and tweaks over the next few months. 

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I had kind of a crummy day at work today, and while I was walking out to my vehicle afterwards, I noticed that it was kinda grimy and gross and covered with bug splats, which didn't help my mood much.


I'm not sure why it popped into my head, since I haven't done it in many years, but I suddenly decided to take the minivan through a carwash. I always found the experience a lot of fun as a kid, and I needed a little perking up, so I asked my phone where the nearest touchless wash was and headed off.


When I got there, I decided to go with one of the fancier options, not only because it had "bug removal" listed, but also because, in big orange letters, it also had LAVA FLOW as one of the features. I found this very intriguing.


I had an amusing few minutes watching the machine work its soapy magic while blasting the radio (a tradition my family had, for some reason), slowly exited through the blow dryers, then realized that part of the experience had been missing.


Zero stars. Manifestly disappointed that LAVA FLOW did not, in fact, include actual lava. Would like refund due to false advertising, as well as free car wash with promised lava.







--OneBoot :D

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2 hours ago, Cyradis said:


Someone start playing "We Didn't Start the Fire" for Pez, please?


Are you okay because you made your reflex save, Pez, or were you just smart enough of a wizard to not stand in the fire in the first place?


I think that for burning down hotels, "Smoke on the Water" is the preferred audio accompaniment.


Domiciles require Talking Heads music...


But I'm old.

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