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Randomness XVII: The Madness of the Quorum

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It rained! ::o:

They've been predicting rain for Christmas for several days for Southern California, but just because they get moisture on the other side of the mountains doesn't mean we will get any, especially right in our area which has a micro-climate that is exceptionally rain adverse.  There can be a deluge 5 miles any way from where we live and we may not see even a drop.

Temps. in the mid 30s, so we are almost but not quite ready for snow, which would be super for Christmas Day.

Had Chinese for dinner, takeout because Emperor Governor Nuisance Newsom has all the restaurants closed except for take out.  Our favorite Chinese place was doing a brisk business, even at 4:00 in the afternoon.  After dinner we went for a drive to look at Christmas Lights.  Not near as many people decorated as usual.  Wife remarked on it and I observed that there are so many people out of work right now they can't afford the extra electricity expense.  Those who had decorated were very nice.  Spent the best part of two hours doing a drunkards walk guided by which streets had decorations showing.

To all of you, may All The Blessings Of The Season Be Yours To Claim.

Having a quiet Christmas, just the wife and me as we don't want to travel nearly 500 miles to be exposed to our now teen aged grandkidlets [who we love dearly] because of the never to be sufficiently broccoli-ed virus.  Will do a small prime rib [5 lb] with baked yams and sides for dinner tomorrow.  With just the two of us we will be eating prime rib from now till almost New Years.  Between the Yule Log, apple pie, and fresh baked cookies in the jar I'm probably going to put on some more weight that I really don't need.  -  -  -  -  -  But it will be worth it.

Merry Christmas.

A Belated Happy Hanukkah.

Solstice Greetings.

Or whatever seasonal salutation you feel inclined to acknowledge.



6 minutes ago, TheAuldGrump said:



The Auld Grump

>Reaches into sack and pulls out a globe<

Points to globe and says "Here."


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A wise man once told me 'There is always an XKCD comic'.


On 12/22/2020 at 1:58 AM, Sirithiliel said:

Here is my best pic of the Conjunction (brightest dot in lower portion of image)


This is with my phone btw, don't have anything fancier or a telescope 



There's an XKCD comic about that....




The Auld Grump

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   Y'know, I totally forgot it was Christmas Eve tonight... :rolleyes:


Which means I spent like three hours pasting this together and almost forgot to post it.


Here, have a Christmas card...

















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19 minutes ago, Kangaroorex said:


Usually when my kids were that age i was still up wrapping presents... ::D:


 Hell, most of the reason I was still awake at that hour on Christmas Eve as a kid was because my parents were still out in the living room or kitchen banging around cleaning up from wrapping presents or baking cookies, lol...



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Last year, today, Christmas Eve, I was at my first cousin's house helping her and her hubs wrap presents. They had four kids. All four are married and have kids… …so she has a tribe of grand-kidlets. There were many, many, presents.


Best Christmas Ever.





Oddly enough, this one is not going to be the worst.

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Whew. Made it to the end. Teach me to be gone for nigh two months! 

Have a picture!



She was “helping” me with the apples for the pie I made today. Such a good girl.


On 12/21/2020 at 11:08 AM, haldir said:

So I got my wife a Instapot for her bday this year. She wants a cookbook (found out yesterday) so I may order that for her, but I came across this:





The nice thing about those things is that they contain the spray that comes out of the steam vent. I got a (very goofy) dragon vent cover and it’s great!


On 12/23/2020 at 6:28 PM, haldir said:


Hey, that’s like being pregnant too!


4 hours ago, Pezler the Polychromatic said:

*wonders if @redambrosia made it to the finish line of this thread*

I just did :lol:




Merry Christmas everyone :wub:

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