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Randomness XVII: The Madness of the Quorum

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Announcing the arrival of Baby Hamster!

I said goodbye to Lucy this afternoon. It was time. She went peacefully.   She was a good girl.

The lovely piece I commissioned from @kristof65's wife arrived safely!            EDIT: This picture doesn't show it, but some of the glass pieces are iridescent.  

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1 hour ago, redambrosia said:

Recovery is not going as well as they told me it would. I tried going to work today and I couldn’t even make it 2.5 hours. I’m glad to have the kidney stone gone, but I’d like to feel back to normal please <_<

Take time to repair yourself first, this is important.

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25 minutes ago, MusicalFeline said:

Unfortunately, a water pipe burst last night, soaking the utility room and the floors of the nearby living room and bedroom.

Fortunately, there's a drain in the utility room, so probably 80-90% of the water didn't leave that room.

Unfortunately, that 20-10% still escaped.

Fortunately, it didn't do any damage to the furniture or anything, which REALLY would've sucked because some of that stuff was handmade by my dad.

Unfortunately, we still had to move all the furniture out of the bedroom and to the other half of the living room.

Fortunately, that wasn't too hard.

Unfortunately, the utility room is also where the cat's litter boxes and whatnot are.

Fortunately, it didn't soak through all the food.

Unfortunately, it absolutely flooded the trash can, which was full of Walmart bags of feline feces.

Fortunately, a lot of the water could just be drained off.

Unfortunately, this created The Infamous Legend of The Artificial Diarrhea and The Poop Stick. Allow me to recite it for you.



As recounted by MusicalFeline

One unfortunate day, MusicalFeline was entrusted with draining out the poo-tainted water flooding the trash can of the cat room. This, MusicalFeline would later refer to as "artificial diarrhea", because... That's basically what it was. Anyway, much of it could be drained off with no problem, but eventually, the soggy garbage bags floating in the bin ended up trying to escape their prison. MusicalFeline could not keep draining the liquid into the lawn as he was, for the actual poo would go onto the lawn, and that'd be gross. He thought and thought, and finally he came up with a solution. He thought "If I had a rod of some sort, I could keep the garbage in the bin, while still pouring out the artificial diarrhea". But, there was problem. He wouldn't sever any of his poor tree's limbs off, and there were no other sticks to dispose of. But wait, what about the bush-ish/tree-ish thing growing in the backyard? That needed to be cut down anyways. Quick as a flash, MusicalFeline grabbed the shears and snapped down the bush-ish/tree-ish thing and tore off its small branches. Now it was no longer a bush-ish/tree-ish thing, but a glorious Poop Stick! The Poop Stick kept the bags in the trash can and allowed the disgusting liquid to be successfully poured away. Later, MusicalFeline would use the stick to fish the unruly bags out of the bin and into the dumpster.


And there's my funny, albeit crude, story for the day. Hope you enjoy reading it.

I certainly didn't enjoy living it, that's for sure. <_<

I'm sure the cats appreciate your efforts to keep their area clean and sanitary.

They are still going to blame you for the pipe bursting.

That's a funny story, in a black humor sort of way.

Good luck on repairs and glad the damage wasn't worse.


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on a positive note:  after 14 months my kidney results finally have come back as good.  Recovery from the damage of last years failed cancer drug achieved!  I am once again at the point where you would never know I was sick unless you could look inside.

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12 hours ago, ManvsMini said:

A few things that happened on Feb 25th:


1992--Pantera released 'Vulgar Display of Power'


@MusicalFeline--that's a bummer, very sorry you had to go through that. I'm glad it wasn't any worse, though.


In an effort to better fit into my new surroundings, I am having BBQ for dinner!

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Well our county is being downgraded to Moderate tomorrow which means restaurants are going to have indoor dining again. My wife & I are gonna go celebrate by eating at a place we haven''t been to since early November. 2nd FLGS announced they are going back to live events at the store next week. Yeah!?  more like errrr ehhh ok.


I just watched a video on bookeyface & some guy named "Jay" I guess is taking over the D&D games. *I guess since I didn't support their Leagues initiative during the holiday lockdown I guess they don't feel like I wanna run games for them*...eh oh well. I've got my Saturday game which now becomes even more important to me. Funny how all this time I've said I hope to run games again at the store. They must have short memory loss up there.


I'll still support them with purchases, if it's in store, but currently I'm not real happy with them.


*speculation on my part*


EDIT: Apparently "Jay" is a new employee they hired (he's never there when I've come into the store). I know the guy from his time at Gamestop, he's a likable guy, but still doesn't change how annoyed I am over this.

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6 hours ago, Sylverthorne said:

I'll be sure to bring a deck of cards. ^_^

Just in case. 


Never go anywhere without one.


Kind of like American Express.


All this talk of Deadlands makes me wish (even more) that I could be there.  We (back when I had a group) tried it a couple times, but I was the only one who was really enthused with it.  A lot of the "problems" with the system were really just minor things learning the ins and outs of dice, chips, and cards (when is it better to re-roll vs spending a chip, etc.). 

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1 hour ago, redambrosia said:

For your enjoyment, my ridiculous child shoving her little people into her pajamas.


Well, ya know, I don't see no pockets on that onsie. How do you expect her to carry 'em?!

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