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Randomness XVII: The Madness of the Quorum

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3 hours ago, Cranky Dog said:

Back from my first trip to my new apartment.


Specifically, it's a 7 hour drive away, and I'm gradually bringing stuff over until I can schedule the movers to do the heavy stuff. With my last bad moving experience, I'm more wary about what they can or cannot do delicately. And since I'm currently working from home, there's no real rush.


So I brought over enough stuff to spend the night: foam mattress, pillows, sheets, blankets, folding table, folding chairs, towels, soap, shampoo, toilet paper, tissue paper, drinking cups, lamp.


During that first evening, I took measurements of everything! Every wall, every closet, width and height of windows (for future blinds). My initial conclusion is correct, the new apartment is smaller than my current one (~680 ft² vs 750 ft²), but the wall and storage arrangement are far better, so it'll feel larger once everything is in place.


Just the fact that I have a walk-in storage room means I can put up 10 feet wide of racks and shelves, away from view, and fill them with whatever I want, and still have room for my tool chest and shopvac is a big plus.


The bath/shower installation is new. And it's an extra deep bathtub too. And considering hot water is included with my apartment (industrial water heater with plenty of heating elements according to the janitor), I made sure to test it out. Believe me, it's HOT water when fully open.


Another interesting realization is that both my bedroom and office windows are sliding windows. Exactly the right kind for me to potentially set up an airbrush painting station.


A few downsides:

  • The walls and floor are rather thin, so not very soundproof, and the floor creeks in a few places. But I grew up in a busy family house, so these are familiar background noises.
  • Also, there's a railroad track one block away. Again, I grew up in a town with major train yard, so it's still a familiar sound to me, even in the middle of the night.
  • It's a bit dirty. Nothing drastic, mostly leftover dust from reno work, or previous apartment hunters. I'm planning my next weekend, or Easter weekend even, to go back and scrub it up.
  • Windows are mostly north facing, so virtually no direct sunlight. But being on the second floor with no opposing buildings, it's sill pretty bright, even in the evening. The perfect kind of light for the indoor plants I'm planing for.
  • Regarding the apartment size, the kitchen is the one that will feel smaller, but I've had a small kitchen before, so I'll adapt.
  • I'm gonna need a washer and dryer. The space is there, but I don't own any. So it's another expense, but at the same time used ones are easy to come by (if I can get it delivered).

Next weekend, another trip with more boxes and cases!

Look for a stack unit washer/dryer. Since it's just you the smaller capacity is not an issue and they take up half the floor space.


Well, we have gotten away for the week. Got into Sevierville TN late last night and slept in today. While Lady C watches some old movies, I have been putting together a character for a PbP @haldir will be running. Tomorrow will start the more challenging task of building up a GURPS Traveller character.

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Contrary to popular belief I have not been abducted by a pack of ghouls and dragooned into becoming a "security consultant" tasked with upgrading their lair defenses....I've merely been trying to adjust to Spring beginning in late Feb, and this government mandated theft of my hour of sleep isn't helping either.

I've embarked on a larger than expected project of getting the garage and house reorganized, in preparation for trying to expand my painting area somewhat. 

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I made coconut lamb curry today in my instant pot, though on the slow cooker function. I’m really enjoying that setting. 

Anyway, it turned out wonderful. The lamb was nice and soft, the curry sauce was awesome, the potatoes, carrots, and cauliflower were perfectly done. And there’s lots of leftover curry.


The perfection of it all made me really sad when I dropped my full plate on the floor ::(:

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And my reorganization project just got larger.

When I started removing boxes from the highest shelf in one of the closets, the ceiling came down on my head. Granted it was only a thin sheet of paneling, but having it unexpectedly applied directly to the forehead is not a pleasant way to start the day... at least the drywall above it didn't join the paneling in it's mad attack...but with already having to re tar the garage roof, and try and figure out a way to plug up where the most recent leak came in over the winter, I didn't need any additional roof or ceiling revolts.

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16 hours ago, redambrosia said:

Getting really sick of Verizon over charging us. This is the third month in a row they’ve charged us $100 extra for going over on our data... except we never even use all the data we have. This month we even had carry over data. And every time Hubby calls them they go through a list of BS that we must be doing wrong and constantly tell him we need to upgrade to the unlimited plan.


I feel like they’re trying to force into going for the unlimited plan.


As suggested earlier, I would look for a different provider.

Nobody needs that stress.



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Stolen from the Bones 5 KS thread:


12 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:



I still have original Grenadier minis unpainted I bought in the 80's!



*** Sips Coffee***



>Joins the other wolf for some coffee<


My first figures were the 'Orcs of the Severed Hand' boxed set.

Still got 'em.

At least one of 'em still needs paint.

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Some things you might find interesting about March 15th:

  • 1877 – The first ever official cricket test match was played: Australia vs England at the MCG Stadium, in Melbourne, Australia.

  • 1917 – Tsar Nicholas II of Russia abdicated the Russian throne, ending the 304-year Romanov dynasty.

  • 1990 – Mikhail Gorbachev was elected as the first President of the Soviet Union, though he would also be the last leader of the Soviet Union (dissolved in 1991).

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57 minutes ago, Crowley said:




Sadly, yes. Was up way too late last night on Twitch chopping down a sacred oak in MC. Those things should be banned by international treaty.


And the coffee would be more potent if the gorum bottling plants could make more of the decaf frosty beverage. Can’t seem to maintain stock at all. 


Back to the grindstone.

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12 hours ago, Corsair said:

Look for a stack unit washer/dryer. Since it's just you the smaller capacity is not an issue and they take up half the floor space.

I've thought of it, but the cabinets right above their dedicated space won't allow it. So it's standard sized units for me.

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I’ve always read that one should have alcohol for creative ideas but switch to caffeine to focus on making those ideas reality. 

My focal point this morning is a blurry disk roughly 3.8 light years in diameter, and being wired is not helping as I have the overactive mind chasing gossamer thin threads of thought. Not conductive to achieving much at work. 

I even read up on “focus” so I could get that analogy written better. 


Stupid brain. 

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