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Randomness XVII: The Madness of the Quorum

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13 minutes ago, Chaoswolf said:

You know that they make larger ones for bigger figures, right? They have 56 and 40 figure capacity. The 56 figure case stores the figures on their front/back and the picture on the website shows it full of old GW figures (chunky and with bases attached).The 40 figure case stores the figures standing upright.

I ordered the 14, the 40, and the 56 ones. The 40 and 56 are the same dimensions, just the foam is different. The 40 has slightly wider spots, as well as two large spots, but there's only one tray in it. I can't imagine trying to store anything standing up in them, the way they're set up. I suppose I could take the 56 one, remove the hard tray they provide, and store them that way. :ph34r:

I need to fool around with them a bit more, see what I can do with them. Before I glue things down... ::P:

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Does Chessex still make an 80 figure case? If they do it's the same size as the 40 and 56 cases, just has smaller holes in the two layers of foam.


I used to have several dozen of these. This was back before there were any other cases (other than the one GW made).


I miss those cases, and all the minis that used to be in them...


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5 minutes ago, Brother Jim said:

Does Chessex still make an 80 figure case? If they do it's the same size as the 40 and 56 cases, just has smaller holes in the two layers of foam.

Yes, they do.

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10 hours ago, NebulousMissy said:


That is also my thought. Mostly because the department manager flat out pulled me aside and said to me that when the official posting goes up it will emphasize this is NOT a telework position. I am one of two people in the entire 6 team department who refuses to telework and the other guy has been management before and is uninterested. I will also be working with a manager who has been grooming me for management and is delighted I am going to be her Second.


Of course my current manager has decided I am "on loan" and expects me back post haste. I'm too autistic to tread politics this carefully :ph34r: so I'm just gonna stay out of it.



I know, I need to be here more often. Maybe after April 15th :blink: Filing season this year has been a nightmare.

I experienced the crazy back log of the IRS last week.  Got a letter from them in the mail.  Queue irrational panic.  Ended up being a letter informing me to expect my EIP2 payment soon and to call/email if it didn't show up the within the next 7-10 business days.  I have already received all three EIP payments.  Letter arrived at the end of March, was dated mid February, and I received the applicable payment at the end of January.  I read about the backlog at both the IRS and USPS but it was interesting to see it first hand (not that I blame either entity).  All of my monies from all three stimuluses and my taxes were process on time and properly, so in my eyes, they are doing just fine.

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The beholder Grump named Queenpin is Nucking Futs!


First off, tonight I learned to HATE KOBOLDS!


We had to go into the sewers, and I almost blew us all up when my lightning bolt ignited the sewer gas, and I did more damage to US than the kobolds.

The lightning bolt hurt them, but they were ready for the kaboom from the gas.


We learned they LOVE poisoned weapons, love traps, and love false trails.


Then we came to where the fresh water cascaded down into the sewers, to keep the sewers flowing, and SHE came through the cascade.


Zappity zappity, until Jon managed to hit her with a poisoned crossbow bolt from his ranger/scout.


Then she wigged out and threw EVERYTHING at him.

He had to make TEN saving throws.








We had karma dice ready to add to his rolls, but he didn't need them.

Then he charged into hand to hand with her, s skirmish bonus, favored enemy, buffs, and we got to add a karma dice to his attack and damage.


He almost, ALMOST managed to take her down!


Then there was a huge KABOOM! and she was gone, as far as I can figure out she was right on top f a delayed blast fireball or something, which triggered a teleport and got her out of there.


Most of her kobolds are dead.


We are in rough, rough shape, but NOBODY in negatives.


And she got away - but we shut down the cult that was creating those laughing devils.


I am pretty sure we leveled up, after that, and Grump has told us that we have the option of a story feat, if we want it.


If Queenie had used her rays more carefully, the odds are some of us would be dead - but once Jon wounded her, she ignored everyone else, and just kept trying to rain death down on him, including disintegrate.


If she had managed that, and she tried THREE TIMES, then we wouldn't even have been able to raise him, his dust would have dropped into the running sewers and been swept away.


And my idea about stone to flesh on the troll WORKED!


It won't last forever, he will need "booster shots", but he isn't slowly petrifying right now.


The M.E. will help me write it up for the Journal; it will be called the Atrea Danvers Technique! ::D: Once it is out, I am going to get a +4 reaction when using Diplomacy with stone trolls! He also wants to try stone to flesh in conjunction with raise dead on another petrified troll, to see if that works. Raise dead alone doesn't work.


And we met a BIG stone troll. So big most people think he's a HILL. He was what the cello player was trying to tell us about, he saw the beholder and her kobolds, and knew about the temple. The place where the fight took place was originally a temple, then when it fell into the sinkhole the temple became part of the sewer. It was like talking to an ent.


And the city even paid me back for my scroll!


The game wrapped after the big fight, but it ended on a high note, so I'm not complaining.

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I took another step towards getting my online shop set up. I ordered packaging and paper materials. In-laws are giving us their old printer which I'm hoping works with our stuff because it's super nice and will print much cleaner and faster than ours we have now.


I still need to finish figuring out business licensing stuff but I want to be ready to ship as soon as I get first sale. Also, should probably do some more organizing before I get said stuff so I have a place to put it...

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Time for that Sunday stroll through history for April 4th:

  • 1460 – Basel University, Switzerland's oldest and among the world's oldest surviving universities, was founded.

  • 1873 – The Kennel Club was founded, the oldest and first official registry of purebred dogs in the world.

  • 1964 – The Beatles occupied the top five positions on the Billboard Hot 100 pop chart.

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5 hours ago, Green Eyed Monster said:

Wishing you all a Happy Easter!


And to you as well.



I started working on an old Grenadier miniature yesterday. It's among the first I ever had.

I figure if I start painting figures by age, I should get to Bones 5 by the time I'm 172.

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