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Randomness XVII: The Madness of the Quorum

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9 hours ago, Lord of the Dish Pit said:

I am no longer besieged by chocolate bunnies. 

6 hours ago, Chaoswolf said:




...you're welcome.


*looks around at the melted smears of chocolate shavings everywhere* IT'S A MASSACRE!



9 hours ago, TGP said:

Dogs don't hold a grudge that long . . . cats maybe, but not dogs.



Cats hold grudges before they even meet you.




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3 hours ago, SparrowMarie said:

Woke up at about 3:30 this morning. It's now 6:30.


I've been doing research into business stuff for about an hour and have gotten no further than where I started. I have to call the city sometime soon (hopefully sooner than soonTM) to figure out if I need some permits/special city licenses. I am in an unincorporated area of town so I'm not sure I actually do. It's pretty important that I figure out because it's about another $200 if I do need them.


I should also probably paint today. Or at least get upstairs and organize broccoli. I need to make myself a packing area, print some business cards and address labels, and general cleaning.


TLDR: Lots to do today, not enough sleep.

If you're in an unincorporated area the city has no jurisdiction.  You need to be talking to the county level offices.  You probably also need to applying to the state for a business license that will allow you to buy wholesale without paying sales tax on items you will be using for resale or as part of something used for resale.  This also gives you an "account" where your sales in state [and via internet if that is the statute for your jurisdiction] get proper accounting for any sales tax you are required to remit.

Something you may find useful is a trip to the stationary store to check out the Dome bookkeeping publications.  When I was actively in business these pre-formatted accounting books were a big help in keeping track of everything that had to be accounted for come tax time.  They will have things set up so that you can easily track items you didn't even know were going to be important when starting out.

Good Luck.  PM me if you have any questions.


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All caught up from my Internet-less Easter (My old computer decided it would no longer charge up and I had to panic buy a new one before it's few remaining minutes of run time ran out).


I didn't realise a new Chromebook automatically fills itself with everything you had on the old one, it's convenient but rather creepy.

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3 minutes ago, Loim said:

I think everyone should post pictures of their cats. So that there will at least be something redeeming about today. 


Not a cat but how about a bunny?


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