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Randomness XVII: The Madness of the Quorum

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5 minutes ago, SparrowMarie said:

We got our first shots today! Aside from being tired, which may just be because I slept awful last night, I'm feeling okay.


That aside brain weasels are running rampant today.


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I don't feel like I have the support of my family to open this shop. Husband is supportive but that's about it. I spent a good chunk of today and yesterday updating photos for my portfolio on the website and I just feel like...why? Like am I wasting time and money trying to do this or do people actually value what I'm doing?


I dunno, just having a bad brain day.



I was tired and a bit sore on the shoulder for about 36 hours.  DH was tired for 4 days. My 2nd shot had me extremely fatigued for about 24 hours and then was over.   I've heard a number of people say they did not sleep well the first night after getting their shot.  Don't know if that's a side effect or just excitement. 


Good luck with the shop. WE believe in you.  The customers that support you are what matters. 


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Announcing the arrival of Baby Hamster!

I said goodbye to Lucy this afternoon. It was time. She went peacefully.   She was a good girl.

The lovely piece I commissioned from @kristof65's wife arrived safely!            EDIT: This picture doesn't show it, but some of the glass pieces are iridescent.  

Posted Images

My wife and I skipped out on work early today and drove down to a nature preserve about forty five minutes south of us to look for wildflowers. It turned out to be a great day for it. Maybe just a little early to really catch the maximum amount of stuff in bloom, but a good amount of spring ephemerals were seen. We only saw one other person on the trail the entire time, which was quite nice. And that person turned out to be one of our bike riding friends we haven't seen since before the pandemic. Which was even better.


Here's a bunch of pictures. I'll put them behind a spoiler because there's quite a few. I'll try and name a few things too, but upland plants aren't necessarily my thing, so feel free to correct if you see a mistake...



Virginia Bluebells! They were everywhere.




Yellow Trout Lilly. My wife's favorite! We were out there to find this and my favorite, Dutchman's Breeches. 




A fern fiddlehead emerging from the ground. No idea what the species is.




Blood Root.




Spring Beauties. I like to think the name fits.




Pretty certain this is Hepatica.




And this may be something from the same Genus. Might even be the same thing.




A sweat bee on some Cutleaf Toothwort.




Chickweed growing along the base of some sandstone with a fern.




This is an Oil Beetle, or Blister Bug. It secretes a chemical that can cause blisters and burning if it touches your skin. No idea what his hitchhiker is, and given what he'll do if I piss him off, I wasn't getting any closer to look.




I think this is some sort of Celedine, but it may be an invasive.








A little Wild violet.




I think this is Golden Ragwort.




I saw this along some rocks and thought it was the plant I was looking for. It's pretty similar in shape and color. But no, this is squirrel corn. Still a pretty cool flower though.




But as I was turning to move on I found Some Dutchman's Breeches right along the trail. When I got to looking around it was everywhere!




Anyways. Hope you all have a good weekend and that some pretty flowers are in your future.


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Listening to the Winterhawks hockey game (vs @ Spokane), working on tomorrow's game stuff in the garage. 


Picked up my VIP ticket for RCon this morning.  Work was decent, only 1/2 hr of OT (most of that was due to i was talking with the boss before punching off). My wife & I went out to my favorite restaurant tonight & Malheur County is now in the Lower (green) category!!


Good way to end a good day. Now where are my bases.......

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Welp, thanks to a sale on oils and sending off some of my old 40k minis to someone else I am seriously contemplating the idea of picking up oils for painting miniatures with.... 

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9 hours ago, Chaoswolf said:

Wow, talk about getting kicked when you're already down.


I'm sorry to hear it, I hope you have as good a weekend as possible, considering the circumstances.

Well my MIL was in hospice and had been there for two weeks which was 2 weeks longer than the doctors gave her and the last time we saw her she seemed happier than I had ever known her in the last 20 years so I have to say her passing was about as gentle as any could be.  She just kept sleeping longer and longer until she just never woke back up.  Then she just slipped away quietly.  She was 86.


On happier news, there were still repercon tickets by the time I remembered they were on sale so I got those and we will be coming and be vacinnated so there's that....

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Weekend trivia begins with what happened on April 10th:

  • 837 – Halley's Comet made its closest approach to Earth at a distance equal to 0.0342 AU (5.1 million kilometres/3.2 million miles).

  • 1858 – After the original Big Ben, a 14.5 tonnes (32,000 lb) bell for the Palace of Westminster, cracked during testing, it was recast into the current 13.76 tonnes (30,300 lb) bell by Whitechapel Bell Foundry.

  • 1970 – Paul McCartney announced that he is leaving The Beatles for personal and professional reasons.

  • 2019 – Scientists from the Event Horizon Telescope project announced the first ever image of a black hole, located in the center of the M87 galaxy.

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Got the deep fryer operational again, thus solving the lack of grease in my diet. Between this, the gigantic breakfast skillets and the Pizza Hut cloning attempts, I'm beginning to feel a bit better. Not as sluggish and lethargic as I've been these last few months. The relative abundance of cloudy days is helping as well, especially since I put the new blackout curtains up, so now I have a dark little cave to lurk in. 


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It looks like attending ReaperCon isn't going to be feasible this year. ::(:

Setting up the new house, along with moving expenses is going to soak up too much of our ready cash to make a 10 day or longer vacation trip realistic.  I has a sad.  Nick Anything is absolutely inconsolable.


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@Kangaroorex my sympathies!



Over here our kitchen is installed.

The new Faucet seems to be dripping after use, we'll keep an eye on it and if this continues I will call the company about it.

Always something when you buy stuff it seems...

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Brutus is kinda tired.

Two days in a row where mechanics came over to install the kitchen, family who came to admire it.

He needed to be alert the whole time, keep an eye on everything, make sure everybody did his job.

It's kinda exhausting it seems.


He doesn't know that tonight, youngest vixen will have two friends over, and as it is those two girls are among his favorite visitors.

He will be happy to see them, I expect him to be tired tomorrow again.



20210409_214519 - kopie.jpg

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How would Brutus like to visit the USA? I could use some help convincing the squirrels that my attic is NOT where they want to live.

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7 minutes ago, Chaoswolf said:

How would Brutus like to visit the USA? I could use some help convincing the squirrels that my attic is NOT where they want to live.


Problem is flying..Boxers are not a good breed to put on a plane with that short snout.



You have cats, don't you?

Put those Lazy M.E.O.W. Agents to work!


Or invest in a new friend like this...


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@Thoramel, those pictures are fantastic! I do so love seeing flora/fauna from far afield. Even the common species are new and exotic to me, so it's all interesting to me. I think that you are right about the celandine, it looks very similar to ours.


Sorry about your bad week @Kangaroorex. Here's hoping that the news from your scan is good. I'm not normally a praying type, but I'll make an exception for you!


I've got a bunch of recent photos of local wildlife, but I'm sitting at work just now so the camera is a bit out of reach. Here's a photo from earlier in the week, I probably would have posted it earlier if I'd realized that that one swan is sitting right in the reflection of the sun ::o:



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I've actually got a pest control guy coming by in a little while to address the problem. It's a no-kill company, so they'll put out some traps, catch the little guy(s), and relocate them to a park/wooded area somewhere. I don't begrudge the squirrels being alive, I just would rather they moved out. After all, the little freeloaders aren't even helping to pay rent!

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