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Randomness XVII: The Madness of the Quorum

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On 4/18/2021 at 12:49 PM, Chaoswolf said:


 I remember having that as a kid; whole lot of suck right there.


 I actually don't remember most of it, quite fotunately... I ended up with both a massive case of chicken pox and a terminal case of poison ivy at the same time. There's an entire week of my life I've completely repressed and have no memory of.



4 hours ago, Chaoswolf said:


I don't think I ever inadvertently caused injury to anyone.


 I left two teeth in my much-older cousin Chuck's butt once playing tackle football out in the yard... ::D:


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Announcing the arrival of Baby Hamster!

I said goodbye to Lucy this afternoon. It was time. She went peacefully.   She was a good girl.

The lovely piece I commissioned from @kristof65's wife arrived safely!            EDIT: This picture doesn't show it, but some of the glass pieces are iridescent.  

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13 hours ago, PaganMegan said:

Go with the version you ran for us. They will LOVE that red dragon broccoli. That's sarcasm. Years later and I STILL hate that dragon.


Each game had a memorable dragon - you guys got the redneck red dragon, the kids game had the grumpy, grouchy (but not evil) black dragon.


The red flamed once, then continued on - the dragon version of hitting a mailbox with a baseball bat.


The black chased the kids - but managed to miss with its breath weapon every time. (Despite not needing to roll to hit - he was chasing them off, not attacking.) They eventually made friends with him.



The graphics card on my computer just died,  and I am on my way to my first Covid shot.


It's a Monday alright.


The card really is shot - the Blue is just plain gone. *EDIT* Not the cable or the monitor - launching in safe mode, using just the onboard graphics, the colors look fine - but I had to use a different port to see them.


Not a good time to replace a graphics card - crypto currency is on the rise again, and they are buying up the cards to crunch the numbers.



7 hours ago, Pezler the Polychromatic said:


Haven't trusted Newegg ever since they sold me a graphics card that I later learned had been used extensively for bitcoin mining, it burned out after only 8 months.


See the above mentioned crypto currency on the rise. <_<


The Auld Grump

1 hour ago, Pegazus said:

Just watched an ad that boasted of fresh and clean ingredients. 

Uh... clean? Really? Shouldn’t that be very normal?

Unless you are talking about cheese or wine, at least.


(The Swiss had to start adding crud to their Swiss cheese - turns out that to get a proper Swiss cheese you need a certain amount of crud.


Ditto for wine.


The Auld Grump

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6 hours ago, Froggy the Great said:

I have a very nice beer and I'm angry. 

Yay for beer.



6 hours ago, Froggy the Great said:

I should get off social media for the night.

A night with no farcebook / twitagram / instasnap is usually a better night than otherwise.

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I have soooooo many things muted on my Twitter.  We just won't comment on here as to what's in my twitter feed these days - I'm not even going to try innocent whistling. 


That's assuming I even bother to check my twitter, I do that maybe once a day at most...  And the past six months I've spent more time muting things than I have paying attention nto actual content. 


I prefer to waste my time on YouTube, it's more "productive" because I can usually come away having learnt at least.... Something.  That and I can put YouTube or Netflix on my tablet and oh hey I'm being productive!  Just can't watch a new show while at the desk, but it's a fair trade off. 

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11 hours ago, PaganMegan said:

My arm is owie. ::(: And in three weeks it will be owie again. Grump said his was barely noticeable, mine is definitely noticeable. Owie!


I think this is a function of how many "caliper inches" (as they say when measuring young trees) the upper arm of the victim recipient is.


I felt almost nothing.

I  just rubbed it hard to make the slight soreness go away faster.

But my upper arm is probably 6, maybe 7 caliper inches.


Welcome to House Pfizer!

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The rabbithole gets deeper...

In the 2002 movie "The Mothman Prophesies" there was a character named Leek...a "prophesy of leeks" if you will...

2006 leeks come into existence in a low key kinda way with Oblivion...

2011 Skyrim launches, exposing leeks to a wider audience...

2011 Chicago sightings of Mothman begin....

2017 Mothman sightings subside a bit...

2018 Fallout 76 launches, Mothman is in it...

2020 In Wastelanders update a "Mothman Cult" is introduced...

The leeks seem to be laying low since Skyrim, so this leads towards an Elder Scrolls connection of some kind, whenever or if 6 comes out, more evidence will be available...but the Leek/Mothman/Bethesda Triangle has thus far been resistant to unraveling...



Back when Oblivion came out, neither I nor my roommate thought leeks were real, that it was a fantasy vegetable created for the game, and we went on about being impressed by the level of detail that this showed. My roommate's girlfriend, appalled at our ignorance, proceeded to go out and buy some, proving to us their existence. She also tried to force us into eating them, but I remained firm in my resolve to not eat something that didn't exist. My roommate ate one and pronounced it to be "not bad", but considering his habit of gorging on 7-11 taquitos on an almost daily basis this did not lead me towards trusting his judgement.

I've been trying for years to use this in something, and when I googled "Leek" along with "Mothman", after learning of the leek character this all started coming together. 

Spoilered for disclaimer.

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My shot hurt for a couple days but it was more or less an annoying pain then anything. I got it in my right which was probably a good idea thou, being a lefty in all.


Eight days or so till #2!

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3 hours ago, TGP said:

A night with no farcebook / twitagram / instasnap is usually a better night than otherwise.

I am generally inclined to agree.

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Timeline Trivia for April 20th:

  • 1535 – The sun dog phenomenon (or mock sun, a bright spot to one or both sides of the sun) was observed over Stockholm, as later depicted in the famous painting Vädersolstavlan.

  • 1902 – Pierre and Marie Curie separated and refined one-tenth of a game of radium chloride from a tonne of pitchblende (uraninite, a radioactive ore containing uranium).

  • 2008 – Danica Patrick won the Indy Japan 300 becoming the first female driver in history to win an Indy car race.

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