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Randomness XVII: The Madness of the Quorum

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@NebulousMissy - My husband worked with quail for one of his past jobs. He often complained that they were the dumbest, most difficult birds to raise. Apart from ducks. He said that the babies would often drown themselves in their water for no reason, would get sick and die with the slightest draft, and if you put a thermal bulb near the cage, they would stand there until they burned and died rather than move away when they got warm enough. They were only slightly more intelligent/sturdy as adults. I wish your mom all the luck and patience in the world for her quail if even half of the stories I heard were true. 

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13 hours ago, Green Eyed Monster said:

Has anybody else put on "a little weight" over the last couple of months?

I have not. It has gone downward since my last doctor appointment.  But it is fluctuating and bouncing around. 

Down 5 to 7 kg. But I have seen it jump 2kg plus or minus in a day. 

My meds have changed somewhat recently and that may have something to do with it. 

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3 hours ago, TGP said:



 Barely sweet, Ice cold, neither shaken nor stirred. (...not hamster-approved — I know).

And Cinnamon pop-tarts. (...not good for me — I know).

Not for for hamster consumption, but what do I know about griffin biology?



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@Unruly I think the differences between the two figures you showed are night and day! Don’t discount how much you improved.


A bit weird for Father’s Day, but since my father passed over a year ago, I have been keeping up our Sunday phone call, of sorts. Since I left for college in ‘92 until his passing in ‘19, we talked almost every week. Sometimes for an hour, sometimes for three. But with him gone, I felt I needed some way of keeping his info network alive, so I email the three people he kept informed of my news: my step-mother, my brother, and my aunt. 

In last week’s email, I asked my aunt if she knew if my grandfather’s loud and very unique sounding hiccups were hereditary, and who they might be from, since every so often I get that specific style and I realized that my daughter does too. 

Big mistake!

She’s a former head nurse from a rather large army hospital, so she’s used to getting high ranking officers to follow orders, except for her parents who she could never get authority over. They always outranked her, it seems. So I got back a five page email diagnosing her parents’ conditions for the last 50 years, a lengthy diatribe about what they should have done, what the hiccups could signify medically, links to images of cardioid arteries, paragraphs on why it was important, and then a general rant about her son’s insurance in Australia and how they almost missed his esophageal cancer because he didn’t write down “difficulty swallowing”.

I am going to give her some gentle ribbing with a starting line of “a simple ‘no’ would

have sufficed.”

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Pandemic weight loss, or gain? Not for me, though I did get smaller though. I may be a collapsing star, ever gaining in density.


Rant about bills? Sure wish utilities that did the every 28 days would let you pick a payday to pay them. This year I had the great fortune of paying my gas bill twice in the month of February. Also appreciate the three mystery payment month that shows up when I forget they are on the 28 day cycle in my budget. With some engineering, an end of the month, paying on a payday friday or a 30 day cycle all those aggravations would more or less go away, but who am I to make a suggestion to a company doing things the same way they always do for 50 years?


Did not make progress on my models this week. I had something very important come up.


My friend introduced me to rocket league.

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Much, much happier with Ghost Stone than I was with Blood Moon, lots more scenarios.


I think Blood Moon COULD have been the better of the two, if it had been a campaign, not just one scenario.


Played the first scenario last night, plenty more to go. ::): And Phantom Horsemen are a PAIN IN THE BUTT! ::D:

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My son accidentally smashed his foot on the table and as he was hopping around the room screaming in pain, I rushed to the phone, picked it up and asked him, "Do you want me to call.....


...a TOE TRUCK!!??"


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Well poo. I've been planning on field season starting up again the first week of July and today our upper management told us we were not going to be cleared to do any field activities by then. I'm about to just write this season off and expect to double my workload next year. Sure, I can go to a park or something to get out. But it's not the same. There's people, and trails, and all kinds of impacts. Whereas field season means I get to go wander lonely places that other people are restricted from entering. Makes a heck of a difference in terms of the flora and fauna you see. And the feeling of peacefulness I get on the job just doesn't exist in a crowded park. Oh well, I'm just going to tell myself that the quiet places in my state are going to better off for not having me stomping around in them for a year and my visit next year will be that much better.

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