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Randomness XVII: The Madness of the Quorum

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3 hours ago, Chaoswolf said:

I'm really not a fan of pushy car salesmen.

Neither am I.  An entire group of dealerships here in town is on my "never ever" list because of what they did.  I was looking at a vehicle, specifically stated I wanted a standard transmission.  They tried to force automatic on me.  Sales guy eventually relents and says they'll start working on finding one, shouldn't be too hard given their dealer network. 


They start work on get financing pre-sorted, so I know about rates and whatnot.  Financing needs a certain piece of paper from work, which after a quick call, I find out would take two business days to acquire.  This information is included in my file, they say see you in two days. 


Next day at 8am, my phone rings.  To keep it relatively short, I had a stupidly busy day at work that day (I wound up getting home three and a half hours later, plus wound up having my gps flagged by Montreal, to which boss laughed because they flagged me for "misuse of vehicle in off hours when I was delivering to a customer), and they rang my personal phone 27 times, plus another three on my work phone.  I didn't answer any of the personal ones, since I was working. 


They literally had every other person in the finance department PLUS the sales department call me.  My poor finance person (who had actually read things, and so had sent me an email the morning of the second business day) wound up getting a two page long email that was moderately ranty, and could be easily summarized as "no, I'm not getting the vehicle anymore, and any and all permission for your company to contact me is revoked.  Thanks for being the only one in the company to actually pay attention to the fact HR needed two business days to get that letter, but the harassment from the sales team (and other finance members) is behaviour for a company I cannot condone"



I used to have a test for salespeople.  When they asked what I wanted, I would outright say "I greatly prefer stick shift, but I suppose if I haaaaad to, I might consider an automatic".  Now, I'd make sure to really enunciate my frustration through the bit about an automatic, essentially hinting that no, I hate automatics.  I'd mainly do such to see how they'd go, simply because I wanted to test whether it was just the sale they cared about, or if they actually wanted to make sure I left with all the boxes ticked off. 


I say used to because 99% of the salespeople I tried this on would pretty much be in one ear out the other, because they themselves preferred automatic and are of the belief they're superior for city driving.  One guy called me out - one.  Said it wasn't a fair question because if you missed the nuances, you're firing a loaded question where the sales guy will always make sure to have 1-2 automatic options on the table.  He then proceeded to ask me my reasons for such, and then went "yeah, we aren't even going to look at automatics for you, just don't come back I ntwo weeks complaining about having to shift - which I suspect you won't" 


Don't get me wrong, I agree with their reasoning behind why automatics are less of a hassle in city driving (no need to constantly shift, especially in rush hour traffic), but I also rather like autocross and I'd prefer not to take that instant 2-3 second hit to times.  I also just don't like how automatics won't always stay in a gear when doing something like going up a hill.  They're a lot better than they used to be, but with my preferences in driving they aren't my cup of tea. 


Really wish I had been able to afford that car though, that Scion FR-S would have been nice.  Then again, it would have also caused some serious strain on my finances, so I'm glad I didn't do that, and it wound up causing a snowball effect to help fix various things. 

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- This thread is of legal age of randomness in all 50 states.

- The right to bare randomness within a forum thread.

- Random McRandomface

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23 hours ago, Inarah said:

I like seeing the pictures that people took themselves.   Here's one of my strays having a roll in the grass.

Valid. However, I have pictures like this:









There's more but I'm pretty sure a random pair of women's undergarments would violate the rules.

13 hours ago, redambrosia said:

Ten hour shifts are going to take a little getting used to, but having 3 days off should be worth it. I can actually get business things done without missing a days pay. I just have to remember to do meal prep ahead of time.

I used to work a 12, two 10s, and an 8. Meal prep and the microwave were my friends.

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7 hours ago, ManvsMini said:

Trivia of the Timeline for May 4th:

  • 1626 – Dutch explorer Peter Minuit arrived in New Netherland (present day Manhattan Island) aboard the See Meeuw after becoming the third director of the Dutch colony.

  • 1904 – The United States began construction of the Panama Canal.

  • 1961 – Malcolm Ross and Victor Prather attained a new altitude record for manned balloon flight ascending in the Strato-Lab V open gondola to 113,740 feet (34.67 km).

Minuit is, according to family legend, one of my ancestors on my mothers side.


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3 hours ago, Sylverthorne said:


I.. might have been less charitable had I not had a three hour car ride to get most of the vitriol out of my system.

I really was not amused; Subaru Guy was not reading the room at /all/, and I'm pretty sure we were both bristling a little by the time we left the dealership. 

Ah, well; we were looking for reasons to shorten the list further, and that counted. Going through the new information and double-checking it against a couple of new sources just put the nails in. 


I'm sort of looking forward to tomorrow, even though the bit where we're gonna be on the road for half of forever, and I'm not actually going to get to drive it (yet), because HECK CITY DRIVING ... *sigh* Seattle... Seattle is a *redacted* hillside disaster. I really don't like city driving; and I've done more of it than I like to think about. ^^;

It's mostly an anxiety thing; I can do it, but it's generally better for my stress levels if I /don't/. The handful of times I haven't been able to get out of it, I've been deeply grateful for my driving gloves.  


I cannot more strongly recommend taking a couple of weeks to do some deep research into the car (or truck) you want, and the options you're interested in. Every time we haven't done that (once!), we ended up not entirely happy. Mind, I wouldn't actually trade Grendel, for all the trouble she's been, but dang if we couldn't have side-stepped some epic problems if we had done some actual research before sniffing around in person.

^^^^^ This.

I spent a couple of months online doing research and seeing what was out there before going to look at the Nissan Frontier Grandpa Truck we bought.  What's a Grandpa Truck?  It's a suitably sized pickup truck with a full back seat for the grandkids!  When I first started looking a Nissan wasn't even on the list but after researching specs, features, and weighing that against price it moved up the list quickly.

Went to the dealership with printouts in hand so the sales people knew I was A. serious and B. probably not interested in any other offerings.  Looked at the truck, went home and got mama to have a look, and 4 hours later we were driving it off the lot.

The Bonny Blue Dent Collector is serving us well, and as soon as we are settled in the new house the front end damage will be repaired.



Randomness, Now Voting Age.



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