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Lord of the Dish Pit

Damaris, Duskwarden Heroine, 44054

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Great job, she looks very down to business. I find that for the most part Reaper’s moulds are built so the mould lines are in logical places but every now and then there are those buggers to get. Unlike the metals the mould lines on bones are not quite as easy to remove but the bones black are a definite improvement.


Btw, I like the pairing. I imagine a long suffering faithful servant and his unrequited love for his beautiful but distant master.

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    • By Lord of the Dish Pit
      These were part of Warlord's Pike & Shotte starter box, which I picked up for the purpose of getting some rank and file reinforcements for my witch hunter army.

      I kept with the basic pilgrim color scheme, and it worked very nicely once I'd added some of Warlord's broadbrim hats pack to them.

      They came with two sets of arms, providing a little variation depending on what angle I glued them, and with the variety of hats in the broadbrimed sprues, I was able to get a nice amount of individuality to them, while keeping them uniform.

      Here we see them hard at work, preventing a foul necromancer from enslaving the local cemetery's dead....

      They are not amused by such blasphemous tomfoolery.

    • By Lord of the Dish Pit
      Despite the sealer incident, through the advice of Glitterwolf, and the use of brush on sealer and washes, she's made it to Show Off...

      I added a hat from Warlord's Pike&Shotte line to tie her in with the Witch Hunters. Not quite scale, but close enough and seems to go well with the landsknecht vibe she's got going on. Her Faithful Hound is painted as a beagle/basset hound mix, after my old roommate's dog Buddy, who was adept at inquisiting whether or not someone was near the refrigerator and who might be easily guilted into providing him with a slice of cheese...

    • By Lord of the Dish Pit
      A long term resident of the Shelf of Incompletion. A year or so back I got the idea of swaping out his shovel for the ax from one of Reaper's weapon packs, but until recently didn't have much luck in getting it to stay glued. He's a rather interesting sculpt, his hat and coat are rather witch hunterlike, also I'm not able to determine a reason why the local grave digger needs armored shoulders, but his face and robe also make one wonder if perhaps he dabbles in necromancy on the weekends. Eventually I'll have to pick up another one of him, see what a necromancer conversion might turn out like...

      It could be argued that an ax is a vital tool for undertakers, considering the likelihood of the local crypt containing a ghoul warren...

    • By Kev!
       Also among the ReaperCon goodies...

    • By Valthorn_Illian
      I got nothing smart or witty to say. I knocked this out for a people's choice painting competition at my LGS. Feel free to bash it.

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