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Lord of the Dish Pit

Damaris, Duskwarden Heroine, 44054

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She was the first Bones Black mini I've painted, and I'm digging the new material even if it does feel a bit weird to not douse it in sepia wash first. 


While the addition of a nifty Inquisiting Hat lessens the otherwise piratical vibe she would otherwise have, it does make her face hard to reach. I also noticed that for some reason her braid was completely seperate from her head.


She also had several almost impossible to reach mold lines, but light nitpicking aside, I really like the character of this sculpt.



And with Oswald...


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Great job, she looks very down to business. I find that for the most part Reaper’s moulds are built so the mould lines are in logical places but every now and then there are those buggers to get. Unlike the metals the mould lines on bones are not quite as easy to remove but the bones black are a definite improvement.


Btw, I like the pairing. I imagine a long suffering faithful servant and his unrequited love for his beautiful but distant master.

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