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Last week my wife and I started a Ghost Archipelago campaign; for anyone interested I already wrote up a battle report here. Unfortunately that game showed me just how small my fantasy terrain collection really is. The prospect of playing a campaign on a half filled table didn't sit well, so I got to work. 


A few hours over a couple of nights yielded good results.20200524_000720.thumb.jpg.5ebcdce6e59cc0b87e6d2eec83749e91.jpg


A couple of winter pieces for regular Frostgrave even made it into the mix. Unfortunately I'm out of snow at the moment so they're not quite done.


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I didn't expect to start anymore pieces so soon but here we are. I guess keeping the bag of supplies out in the open and so close to hand finally caught up with me. The materials I'm using are pretty simple just some dollar store scullents, grass, sand, and wooden bases.20200920_221605.thumb.jpg.fc6815e3798d7505d2d7a5d09c6a4daf.jpg


Just a little time and a bit of work can get them pretty far however. 


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I forgot to list a material.
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16 minutes ago, TGP said:

Why are the bright tropical things getting snow bases?

Oh that's just the cheap craft sand I use for basing. It just so happened that the last time I bought a bag they only had white. Since it is way out of scale for use as actual sand however it's color doesn't really matter and I typically just paint it up as dirt.

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2 hours ago, Inarah said:

Where did you find the wood bases?

I actually found those at a family run hobby/craft store in our town. They only cost about a quarter apiece and they stock quite a variety of shapes and sizes. The owner thought it was hilarious when I ended up buying almost $30 worth but at that price I knew I was better off buying in bulk. I have seen similar ones at dollar stores and craft stores but never at such a low price. Though thin wooden slats and whatnot do show up in craft stores discount areas from time to time.

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While reorganizing basing supplies today I came across a bit of snow flocking so I finally got around to finishing the wintery evergreens. 20200921_224435.thumb.jpg.57e9ca962f1dbb30696fe76bd620c15a.jpg


As for my tropical plants I managed to paint and wash their bases.20200921_224319.thumb.jpg.57a035a3982ee1c3ee91957416eaef38.jpg20200921_224356.thumb.jpg.5d16c3b3b5677f432c89ae8a3558d47f.jpg

Knowing just how long that wash will take to dry though I called it a night. Seeing as I don't plan to paint the plants however they are nearly done after just a couple quick sessions, not too bad.

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Tonight I dry brushed the dirt and added flock to everything.20200922_213654.thumb.jpg.3ba78d63f6470f2bb6a5f17481f54a94.jpg20200922_213720.thumb.jpg.876292242ab184d782b39e70e5d94240.jpg20200922_213831.thumb.jpg.724652e31d61d54e32a980f2d3edf3d7.jpg

They're no showstoppers but they will nearly double my collection of jungle like scatter terrain. I guess now I've got plenty of terrain for Ghost Archipelago, if only I wasn't stuck playtesting a Killteam scenario for Halloween. 

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    • By Rat13
      Now that I've knocked out a few smaller projects and got back into the groove of painting I think it's time to tackle something a little bigger. Now this project has been on my to do list for awhile but after recently starting a Rangers of Shadow Deep campaign it has become apparent just how much it needs to get done. It's time to start my big terrain project.
      After our big move I saw that I actually had the space to own and store some terrain. Believe me that right there was all the prompting I needed to start collecting. So little by little I amassed quite the collection of sci-fi, modern, and fantasy set pieces in addition to a lot of smaller scatter pieces. 
      I figured all my small scatter pieces would make for a good start. Using poster putty I attached everything to slats, trying my best to keep the three genres separate.

      As I was excited to start in on some of the easier pieces I even forgot to take a picture of the first set I had planned to paint. So here are all the stoney pieces after their basecoat and wash. 

      I had hoped to get a little further tonight but the evening got away from me. This is all the more unfortunate as I wont get back to it until Thursday at the earliest, but hey at least its started. 
    • By Rob Dean
      I have been wanting to build tree bases of several trees each for use at home. (Conventions will probably require individual trees for transport reasons.). I finally got around to starting a few test bases today.

      This one is approximately done, and uses a base with some extra scenic materials started at a workshop at Gencon last year.

      The next two are in progress.  I need to paint the rocks, add some flock, and then glue down the trees.  While I would expect that 10-15 bases will be wanted for at-home gaming, three will have to do for now, and should feature in the current digression project, an attempt to paint/build everything new for a small-ish skirmish game.
    • By Lidless Eye
      I've been waiting to post this until I have enough, but I've just been working on random pieces of scatter terrain in between other projects.

      Any 3D printed parts are done on my Creality Ender 3.

      Trees from EC3D

      Trees from Dark Realms


      Barrel, +3 Barrel of Sundering (Warhammer props)

      Wood bundle, Alchemist's Table and Shelf from Vae Victis, I've honestly forgotten who the other designs were from.

      "The beacons are lit!  Gondor calls for aid!"

      Beacon Tower from RMPrintables

      Lounge Chair from Impact! Miniatures, awning from Warhammer, weapon pile from The Hobbit, treasure piles from Reaper Miniatures.

      Fantasy Objective Tokens by PhysUdo on Thingiverse.


      Ogre Totem from Warhammer, Town Fountain 3D print from unknown, Alchemist's Wares & Firestick Bundle from Vae Victis, Sandbags by MegaBlox, one tree/odd plant is an old Marauder Giant club and the other is from a Gandalf action figure.

    • By Rat13
      Awhile ago I came across a terrain tutorial video about building barrels and thought I'd give it a go. After the initial steps of collecting water bottle/soda lids, gluing them together, and even priming them the project came to a halt. Well after a couple months of staring at a bag of primed bottle caps I finally got back to work. 
      The next step in the build was to create an actual lid/opening in the top of the barrel. This required two pieces; it needed a small bead and a slightly larger round piece to glue the bead onto (in the tutorial the builder used small wooden discs they found at a craft store). I knew that my wife already had plenty of beads that would be perfect but that small round disc had me stumped.
      That's when I finally remembered that inside my wife's craft bin she had a hole punch. Since I started basing my models and began building a little terrain I've been collecting a lot of random household brick a brack, including baby formula tins and lids. You know where I'm going with this and I think the picture speaks for itself.
      Now that I finally had all the pieces I began gluing the discs and beads to the top of the barrels. After a little gunmetal grey I'm pretty impressed with how good they look and how quick they can be made (quick provided you don't spend too much time thinking about a single piece). I placed some Games Workshop barrels behind them for comparison. 
      I'm pretty sure this build came from Terrain Tutorial but I'm not positive (I did see the video quite a while ago). Either way I just want to say this wasn't my idea at all, I simply followed the steps I happened to remember from a youtube video I watched so long ago that I can't remember who did it. I'm grateful however for this simple and cheap terrain and will be making a ton of them over the next few days.
    • By Nightwing
      Here are 4 twisted wire trees I made. Three of them use moss from a craft store package, one used Woodland Scenics foliage. They all use Vallejo Earth Texture, Woodland Scenics scrubery, and Army Painter Lowland Shrubs. 

      Here is is an average wizard under a tree for size reference: 

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