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5 hours ago, Adrift said:

I’m really glad you posted the size comparison picture because I did NOT think that snake was that big :lol:


That's why I did it!

I was impressed by the size myself, his brother will be painted soon, I have him printed and primed.


They come in a set from Artisan Guild as STL files.


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He's surely bigger then I had expected! If I were an adventurer put up to that, it really puts it more in perspective seeing that thing hulking over my tiny miniature, then the DM describing a big snake attacking me D: 


Good job!

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1 minute ago, Venun said:

He's surely bigger then I had expected! If I were an adventurer put up to that, it really puts it more in perspective seeing that thing hulking over my tiny miniature, then the DM describing a big snake attacking me D: 


Good job!



I guess it's not going to help that this beauty is venomous as well.

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1 hour ago, Limey72 said:

Show me the tarasque


I have the files for it. Not printed yet.

Here is a pic from the net to show it's size compared to a GW Space Marine





35 minutes ago, Fencig said:

it's fantastic, love the colors


Everything's printed, even the base?



The snake was printed, the base is a resin base from Microart Studios.

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Well this post has been the single strongest argument for getting a printer, which I cannot presently afford.  That Tarrasque is DISGUSTING (by which i mean fabulous).  I also adore snakes and if I had a printer I would be quick to pump those out too.  Good work on him, can't wait to see his brother.

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