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Let's Paint ... Kingdom Death White Speaker

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Haven't posted this little project here until now, because I was too lazy to translate it and on top of that not sure if it was too much skin or not enough,

so I first had to browse through other pieces of KDM work to check if it was okay.


Found the exact same picture of one of my references, so I thought: Okay - I can try to translate it now.


After my surprisingly effective try to paint skin on this fellow (check ->here<-) I thought: Why not try and replicate the result on another figure. So I browsed through my pile of shame and found a KDM miniature with barely any clothes on her. So I thought: What perfect way to train smooth transitions.


So after wiping off the dust and priming her ...






I started working on the base layers and first shadows.










After I had applied some more shadows and highlights, I noticed I had defined the thin red line between the muscles of her thigh a bit too strong ...




And in the process of painting her feet, I somehow lost her toes - Oh, my god!










So while I was working on the other parts of her body and slowly building up the paint, I tried to work on her right thigh and on her right foot and get back the definition of the toes.


So after a full day of recovery operations, I finally had a look at my corrections and was surprised ...





In the end I had undone all my previous work and recreated the wrong transition ...




But I found the toes! Yay!




The outlining was a bit too strong, so I had to correct that as well ...




But I managed to make her skin surprisingly smooth.




In the end, I had to repaint the whole muscle section I worked on for a long time.


But now she's got beautiful buns and thighs


buns and thighs


Time for me to map out the other body parts ... making progress. Wonderful!










And while I am fighting her skin, Rhini took a reference book for NMM (In German, I used this to joke about metal painting rhinos - but unfortunately this only work in German)




But ... to be honest. I have no idea how I have to paint her dagger. I really don't know. I've got to think about it. I've painted NMM only once - it was okay, but not enough to make me feel safe doing it.


Well ... we will see.


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Finished all acrylics work on the base. Next will be Email and oil colours ... but for now ... time to dry.








Did some more work on the figure as well - but I noticed she doesn't have a chin. I guess I sanded it off when I was removing a seam line. Doh!


Guess I have to do some more paint work on her face then ... haha.







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19 hours ago, Kuroneko said:

That's not my kind of miniature at all, but I really have to say this- those skin tones are AMAZING!!!! 


3 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

I agree,


Wonderful work on the skin!!


Thank you. It's a surprise for me as well.


@Kuroneko Yeah. It's a "special" figure - I've got more beautiful ones in my KDM box, but as I have got this one twice, I figured it to be better for testing skin tones instead of maybe ruining one of the more precious ones.


If you like more realistic work, then maybe check out my WWII dioramas, where I work on a more .... aehm ... "clothed" approach.


Kauder got this


Bailout at Studienka

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It took me 2 days to finish the base only to have a suddenly unreliable mat lacquer ruin everything for me.


All the wonderful rust and work I spent on this base in the last two days ... everything is gone. Maybe I can save the concrete trying to dry brush over it and reapply the rust effects, but I am so unsatisfied with the result ... argh.


I don't want to hear any tips or suggestions at the moment. I just wanted to share my current work state with you guys. So please - refrain from sharing your thoughts on why it happened or what I could have done different. I simply don't want to hear it at the moment.





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I was so angry, disappointed and frustrated ... so I couldn't leave it like that.


So today, I had another look at the base, took some time, thought about the problem and started again. Using drybrushes, pigments, oil colours and email washes, I once again approached the diorama and then continued working on the vegetation.


The outcome is way better new. And I feel way better ...






I think we can leave it like that.


Next step ... finishing Sister Thong.

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