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Speedpaint: Bones Male Lion (77341)

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Well done, looks fine.



Basing him would be a small step

I painted this guy for my Desert Project ( Shifting Sands) put him up a cavalry base and added some Vallejo Desert Sand paste around the integral base, done!

Or just use a cavalry base, apply pva and then flock.

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1 hour ago, 72moonglum said:

This turned out really nicely especially thinking you painted him so quickly. What was your base color for the lion fur?


Thanks! I have a limited number of paints at the moment, so I had to mix the base colour. It was a mix of Reaper's Ogre Skin, Goblin Skin, and a couple of different tans/creams from Army Painter. I did a light brown wash over that to pick out the texture in the fur and then kept adding more and more light cream to the base colour for progressively lighter dry brushes. I did a little supplementary shading with Goblin Skin and an Orangey-Brown from Army Painter, and some more highlights after that, but that's the gist of it.

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