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Lizard Man (repaint)

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Did another repaint of a figure. Tried to keep him as much alike the original as possible. I did not (against my better judgement) add any putty to fill in the cracks, nor did I file off any flash. My intention was to just simply repaint the figure "as is" to see how much better I'd fare.
(Edit:  click on the photo for a full-sized non-fuzzy image)
It's rather difficult to tell in the photos (at least, I think) - but I did fade out a fleshy pink color from his muzzle, nostrils, under his eyes, his palms, and his groin. In my version, I took a photo of his back as well - as I put (very faint) mottled striping along it to help break up the surface... His eyes I choose a weird paint - they should glow under a black light (I don't have one to try it out, though).
I also noticed when I started that the paint they used for the original was a glossy paint. I decided that I would paint him like skin, which (unless sweating) is not glossy. The shine you see in the photo (at least on my attempt) is primarily due to the bright light at a close distance (see: table lamp)... Not counting the inside of his mouth, on his teeth, and at the very edge of where his lip would be - which has applied both a triple thick glaze, and "Uhu" glue.
I know the intention was to paint it "as is" - but when I finished painting him, the large empty base was simply too tempting, so I put a bit of basic terrain down for him. I like to imagine him stomping across a meadow.
PS.  My ranger is totally going to attempt to tame him, and I shall call him "Snuggles".
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