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Dwarven catapult

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Several weeks ago I got to go to the hobby store and found a couple of new minis, one was this little jewel.



It is pretty much done in the painting department, but what good is a catapult without its crew?

These are some Oathmark dwarves that I’m converting to do the job.


I admit the barrel is too big to fit in the catapult, but I’m going to find a way to work it in.

I need to build a base big enough to hold everything and get some more dwarves, it is a start though.

Ideas are welcome!

Thanks for looking!

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Used some of my milliputt to make some roundish balls to serve as ammo. I am planning to add some carry handles and maybe a fuse.


And they now have a keg of root beer. It just needs to be mounted.


Here is the current plan for the layout. 

Thanks for looking!


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Progress has been made!

Found a suitable base coated it in milliputt. Here is the current layout, nothing has been glued down yet.


And of course the keg of rootbear is present!34721E12-4E00-47F5-81FB-C257852C92B8.jpeg.b0145f43ffb931aee0e0fefa7aa6d115.jpeg

Need to paint everything so I can start mounting it.

Thanks for looking!

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