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Infinity: Hassassin Ayyar


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14 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

Good job, he looks dangerous!

I like how the weapon has a realistic colour, military guns are usually black, you covered that well.

They can be rather dangerous, doubly so that they're able to conceal their presence on the table.  Here's a quick breakdown on a few abilities they have:

  • Holoprojection level 2: In english, this lets them conceal themselves as another light infantry unit (level 1's ability), as three Ayyar (level 2's ability, two are holographic decoys), or at the shenanigan level of three infantry of the same type (say, as three basic line troopers).  The third option has extra rules, but if you're deploying first it can provide for some interesting shenanigans (the gig is up partially at the start of your first turn, where one of the three models must get a "holo-projection" marker placed next to it)
  • Shock Marksman Rifle: this is a decent medium ranged weapon, getting a +3 bonus in the 8-24" range band, and the shock ammo will take most light infantry off the board if wounded
  • Dual Viral Pistols: the close range weapon they carry (they're +3 to hit from 0-8") has a nasty side-effect to it - for every wound they make, two rolls must be taken (so if both pistols hit, that's four rolls).  Viral ammo also has that lovely insta-kill against a lot of light infantry

In short, from what I've read, they tend to kill whatever they aim their rifle at, but they're also a rather risky play: if they're revealed on the opponent's team, they tend to be lit up.  If it's your active turn, they tend to be played rather aggressively in order to capitalize on their unique abilities, and then hidden around a corner where they can't be seen, in order to reset their holoprojector (if out of enemy range, they can bring two holoprojections into play at the end of the active turn).


In most instances, swearing tends to be a reaction to them being revealed, as they're usually rather effective at being murder machines.


The rifle is done in Midnight Black, oddly enough, with a drybrush of Void Blue on top I think.  Figuring out a colour for the weapon was one of the hardest things to work out, since I wanted something that would be different than the cloak, separate itself from the armour, but also have that relatively realistic look to it, so I'm glad in the end it came out looking like such ^_^


8 hours ago, Kuroneko said:

Looks great! The reddish orange really stands out and I love the dust effects on the edge of the cloak.

Many thanks!  I'm glad that it came out well!  I'd originally gone in too heavily with the wash for such, and tried to hastily clean up some of the excess, so I'm rather happy that the slight splotchyness that came about because of such helps with the effect ^_^

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9 hours ago, IonikKnight said:

Your paint job is to good. I must confiscate your brushes to protect the feelz of all the fumblefingers out there (like me). ::D:

Believe it or not, most of the work I do on my miniatures is done with Winsor and Newton Scepter II Golds, typically of the 101 (round) and 606 line (flat) lines.  Like any synthetic (or hybrid) brush, they can and will hook over time, but since they still hold a point when doing such I wind up turning any brush that does such into a crevice or tight area brush, so they're still used regularly. 


Come to think of it, I get my dry brushes from Dollarama, I think in $2 packs, possible $2.50 for a few (four or five). 


My Winsor and Newton Series 7 usually only sees use for smaller details, because I find that the size 0 doesn't quite hold as much paint as I'd like, which is why I'm looking at getting some larger brushes in that line... I do like the Series 7, but I've slowly been gaining a preference for larger brushes for most of my work, and will probably be moving over to have size 1 and 2 as my main brushes. 


Many thanks for the compliment, but I'm definitely keeping my brushes.. Although I have been known to take up the finger painting RPChallenge on occasion, as it's a fun challenge to do! ^_^


Additional playful response to brush confiscation: I have even more in the mail headed my way, odd as such may sound (I'm slowly working up to three sets - one for priming and terrain, one for my detail stuff, and one for larger scale miniatures... Coincidentally, each set being at its own desk...) 

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